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Secret to muscle building and anti-aging revealed

  • Follow the consumption instructions or your gains will be affected
  • I was sceptical at first but I saw improvements to my body composition
  • Taste was alright and no issues with my gut or inflammation

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Now Foods IGF-1

Editor’s Review

Deer antlers have been used since ancient times for the preparation of medicine and strength potions. Modern methods helped determine their properties and thus researchers came up with various potent extracts to provide consumers with the unaltered, concentrated power hidden in deer antlers. The deer antler velvet refers to the part that cushions the surface and has different properties than the bony structure.

The Product

IGF-1+ Deer Antler Velvet Extract by Now Foods is a liposomal spray, which means it has an enhanced delivery system (liposomes are tiny bubbles that are friendly to cells and can penetrate these with ease). It can be used as a dietary supplement and features has an insulin-like growth factor. As we all know, deer antlers grow periodically and they grow fast and strong. It is no myth; the velvet extract can improve your overall performance by adding to your energy, erasing fatigue, improving your blood circulation, increasing your muscles, helping the skeletal system development and much more. The list of benefits is a long one and has been established consequent to extensive research.


You can order 1 fl oz or 30 ml for $33.90 online. Don’t panic, though; there are 94 servings per bottle and the liquid is highly concentrated. This bad boy has a plethora of positive effects.


Just have two sprays as one serving. You will feel natural lemon flavors and the sweetness of xylitol. Spray under the tongue, hold for a while, then swallow. You may repeat this twice but don’t go for more than 3 servings within a day.


IGF-1+ Deer Antler Velvet Extract is a USA-made supplement with extracts sourced from New Zealand, which is among the first states that have researched the secrets of deer antlers. It will help you increase your training power and perform more sets of exercises than you previously could. This, in turn, increases your muscular mass. Besides, it gives more energy and can lead to a decrease in belly fat, too. Overall, it can make you function better, at a new level. The product is only suitable for adults. The help you will feel from this depends on your lifestyle, habits and other supplements you may be taking. Perhaps you should only use this spray for a while, in order to assess its effect on you, then add other products you may need. Every person’s body responds in a slightly different manner, leading to different results.

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