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All the Vitamin E goodness you need and more

  • No smell issue, no oil issue, just pop one in your mouth and you’re done!
  • A pill covers my Vitamin E requirement daily needs and more.
  • Even for someone who fears swallowing pills, taking this supplement is easy peasy.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Now Foods Mixed Tocopherols Vitamin E

Editor’s Review

Supplements can help you enrich your diet with vitamins that otherwise would be hard to get from regular food. To have the whole spectrum, one definitely needs to include Vitamin E, but it is usually difficult to find a supplement with Vitamin E that comes from natural sources. Now Foods finally comes to make a difference here.

The Product

Mixed Tocopherols Vitamin E from Now Foods is listed in the vitamin supplements category. This is one advanced supplement that can simply be taken for general health. Its main duty is to provide antioxidant protection through its 240 mg mixed tocopherols and 140 mg Gamma Tocopherol, all combined in a more natural, healthier way. Vitamin E, a tocopherol, is mostly known for its positive action on skin, but it has more uses than that. The actions of these substances have been documented through scientific studies and trials and they are known as beneficial to health in many ways.

The product contains no allergens, except for the soybean oil that may upset some. Compared to other supplements, it has received mostly positive, 5-star ratings and reviews from consumers, most of these due to the natural source of the vitamins and the potent mixture.

Value and Dosage

One standard container is packed with 60 softgels and costs $13, but can be available at half of the price in certain locations. The serving size is 1 softgel, this being a capsule made of gelatin, easily dissolved and tolerated. It is enough to take one such capsule daily, but you may increase the dose to 2 softgels when needed. Remember to always take it with food.


With this you won’t need any more Vitamin E, as this one is as 133% of what the doctors suggest as a daily dose. It is effective in fighting free radicals that are responsible with tissue damage and early aging. The Alpa-Tocopherol contained within is one of its most valuable compounds, as it is a very strong antioxidant. In fact, each tocopherol is valuable in its own way. Gamma-Tocopherol helps boost the action of the Alpha type, for example. Together, the constituents detoxify the system and aid in the elimination process of reactive nitrogen. The latter is known as one of the most destructive of the free radicals.

Supplementing with good quality Vitamin E maintains cardiovascular health and helps cells reproduce and grow at a normal rate. This works well in combination with magnesium. This was noticed when consumers dealt with muscular problems like cramps.

As for the safety concerns, Now Foods creates formulations which are always safe for the targeted demographics. Although children are in also in great need of vitamin supplements, but this one is recommended only to adults, however.

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