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One of the more tastier Fiber around

  • There will be gritty powder sinking at the bottom of your shaker. I recommend drink really fast, or use a blender.
  • I always feel full after drinking this. If you want to lose fat, get some of this.
  • Good for gut health. Want to see improvement, just observe your stool over time.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Now Foods Organic Fiber 3 Powder

Editor’s Review

Whichever type of diet we set for there is a stringent need of fiber that has to be satisfied. If loading your stomach with certain foods is not accessible or adequate in your case, then you can rely on fiber supplements. However, here is one issue that many people face, such as athletes or those aiming to lose weight: they usually can’t get that extra fiber without a copious amount of carbohydrates. Now Foods seems to have found the solution. It created a nutritional supplement containing more fiber but fewer carbs, exactly what was needed.

The Product

The Organic fiber-3 Powder made in the USA by Now Foods relies on a combination of different fiber sources for regular bowel movements and intestinal health/ proper digestion. Also, it is enriched with natural Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids to support proper nutrition. The recipe combines Acacia, Inulin and Golden Flax Seed Meal, ingredients with an organic certification from QAI and USDA. All allergens have been avoided in the manufacturing process.


Organic fiber-3 comes in a big container of no less than 454 g, for which you can now pay $12.22 instead of $16. With more containers ordered, the price per item goes even lower. You will be enjoying about 27 servings.


The standard method to boost your fiber intake with this supplement is to mix 2 or 2 and half tablespoons of powder (approx. 17 g) with water and blend it. You may also use juice instead of water. You’ll have to drink plenty of fluids during the entire day.

Important note: to ensure a mild start, begin with a small dose and increase it gradually to reach the standard one.


Fiber supplements are generally easy to evaluate, as it only takes a few days to notice their effects. This one is no different. You can quickly figure out whether it’s good for you or not. Thanks to its good fiber content (8 g), it makes a positive influence on the bowel activity. It is ideal for people with a diet that doesn’t supply them with enough fiber for effective digestion (something which is rather frequent).

With Organic fiber-3 powder you get 80 calories per serving, 4 g of fat and 7 g of sugars and no harmful additions. In fact, this is a dully natural, organic supplement. To ensure its freshness, make sure you keep the container in the refrigerator once it’s opened, otherwise you risk altering the contents.

For maximum effectiveness, start with smaller doses, so that it doesn’t lead to bloating. Besides this possible side effect, this vegan friendly supplement is harmless in all ways. Plus, it is one of the most complex fiber formulas on the market.

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