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Ultimate recovery supplement that you should use!

  • The taste abit on the strong side, so dilute it if it’s too sweet
  • Works nicely with my sensitive stomach, no issues or bloating
  • I felt the effects, really good gains made when I was on this

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Now Foods Sports BCAA Big 6

Editor’s Review

Day after day, gym visits take their toll. If you’re feeling sore or simply drained, it’s time you invested in a post-workout supplement. Feeling too tired or unable to cope with the next training session signifies that your body is in need of nutrition that will help your muscles recover fast and lose no mass. Your best bet would be a BCAA-based supplement that’s palatable and easily absorbed.

The Product

BCAA Big 6 is a dietary supplement created by Now Foods for increasing endurance and speeding up recovery, with 6 different amino acids. It has 7 g of carbohydrates and a content of 8,000 mg amino acids but only 25 calories per serving. In addition, the formula is enhanced with Betaine, for fluid balance, and it replaces caffeine with taurine. BCAA Big 6 is based on branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs, known for their direct impact on muscle growth after training.


One BCAA Big 6 container has 600 grams of powder or a bit over 21 oz. You have about 32 servings per container for the price of SG$47 when discounted, but the usual retail price is of SG$70.

Taste and Mixability

BCAA Big 6 uses sweet natural flavors with a hint of ripe grapes. The manufacturer markets this as “natural grape flavor”. The formula is sweetened with stevia leaf extract, which is far better than any of its alternatives (sugar, sucralose, aspartame etc.). To prepare a drink, mix one scoop of powder in a glass or shaker with a generous quantity of water or any other beverage you prefer. The amount has to be between 14 and 16 oz. You need to shake it very well, otherwise, it may form clumps or sediments.


Now Foods created a vegan supplement with no caffeine, to feed muscles after a vigorous workout. This can be the after-gym fuel that can get you past the effort of your most intense workouts. Note that it has 240 mg sodium, so you may want to be careful about your salt intake if you know what’s causing you trouble. Too much salt can lead to water retention, which may make you look fat. The supplement is meant only for healthy adults. Any preexisting condition should be a warning sign. Because it’s made with natural ingredients, it may alter its texture with time or change its color. Don’t worry though, most such changes are normal and present no risk. Always store as recommended on the package, to preserve its freshness.

The verdict

When stored and used correctly, it makes for an effective product that helps you protect your gains and hit the gym again in a short while. Unfortunately, there is no data concerning the absorption rate, which would be highly relevant.

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