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Great source of carbs for calories and recovery

  • The taste is not really unflavored but a slight sweetness to it, which is nice
  • No mixing issues on its own or with other supplements
  • I gained weight when I was on this

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

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Editor’s Review

Carbohydrates are a controversial topic but the bottom line is: you need them. A diet free of carbs cannot be a good one, especially if you are training hard. You need that energy that only carbs can give. Now, you can even supplement it wisely.

The Product

Carbo Endurance Powder is a vegan supplement that provides an important amount of carbohydrates with sustained release. This means that, instead of getting a quick and short-lived boost, you enjoy heightened fuel levels for a longer time, to support you through your activities. Its main ingredient being Isomaltulose powder from sugar beets, one can easily trust it as a natural, harmless product. It is slowly broken down during digestion, so it does not act like regular sugar, as you may be thinking. Instead, it will act as an energy source that gives you fuel on a more constant basis – no peak and crash.

You can use it as much as you need throughout the day, even add it to foods and drinks as a mild sweetener.


A container of 2.5 lbs or weighing a bit over 1100 grams costs between $17 and $30 and you get 45 servings in total.

Taste and Mixability

Mix 2 tablespoons in16 o.z. of water or juice. The powder is naturally sweet but in a discreet way. You will barely feel anything as an aftertaste.


This USA-made dietary supplement delivers healthy carbs from a natural source, thus making this kind of nutrition better for you and ensuring you stay energized throughout your long workouts. What you get is a total of 24 g of carbohydrates per serving, which are in fact sugars. Therefore, you may want to be careful about that. Unless you have an adequate training regimen (which requires for a great amount of energy from you), you should refrain from taking this supplement; otherwise, there is a huge risk it will get you fat. Note that there are no proteins in it, so its purpose is not to build muscle, but to provide you with more energy in order to improve your muscle building. One serving has 100 calories but if you take more than one per day or if you mix it with milk, juice etc. you will be easily adding hundreds more. Also, be careful at your other sources of carbs in your diet – fruit, vegetables, grains etc.

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