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Need that extra boost of energy, look no further

  • You need to store it properly or the supplement will ‘melt’
  • I love the taste, if only there were other flavors
  • It really perks me up after dosing myself with this

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Now Foods, Sports, D-Ribose, Chewable, Natural Orange Juice Flavor, 1500 mg

Editor’s Review

D-Ribose is known especially to patients in need of improving their heart health. Its benefits have been researched for 30 years already. People practicing sports are not always aware of its importance – yet they know their heart calls for adequate support when faced with the training effort. The heart’s own energy reserves are vital and now you can easily supplement these with the right product.

The Product

With chewable D-Ribose 1500 mg Now Sports, you have a simple form of supplementation for the heart, that will benefit your whole body. Moreover, these are tablets you can chew, so no more pill swallowing. The product makes use of D-Ribose Powder, with Ribose being a simple sugar found naturally in every cell. It is intensely used in the processes that produce energy within the cell. It thus becomes logical how more of it can also give you heightened energy. With this supplement, one serving will bring you 4500 mg of Ribose.


The price for 90 tablets ranges from $21 to $36, depending on active discounts. To make your calculations, note that the recommended daily serving is of 3 tablets.

Taste and Directions

Taste-wise, you will find this to be very similar to a lot of chewable vitamin supplements on the market. However, there is a natural flavor from real orange juice and color from beta-carotene.


D-Ribose is best to have before exercise, for optimal results. It thus gets to ensure superior energy levels for a heart muscle that may be struggling or lacking. It’s a dietary supplement suitable to vegetarians and vegans and you have enough servings for 30 days or a month. However, you can also take less than 3 tablets per day – you may start with one, for example. Use common sense when dosing it, perhaps your body does not require so much. The flavorings and colorings are entirely natural, which signals that Now Foods is thinking of every aspect the customers are concerned with. As a general outcome, D-Ribose will improve your overall energy and work especially on the heart, strengthening its muscles. In addition, D-Ribose is also excellent for supporting skeletal muscle strength and function. You will notice your performance improving and feeling fatigues much later than usual. Also, it can be extremely useful in heart conditions and emergency situations; therefore, it can be helpful to take this formula even when you are not a sportsperson or training at the gym/outdoors.

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