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Caffeine free supplement for weight loss

  • I was really losing plenty of water. The water retention loss was considerable.
  • My stomach felt kinda queasy when I’m on this. I just couldn’t pinpoint which ingredient which caused it.
  • Felt kinda crappy too when I took this. Felt much better when I stopped.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Now Foods T-Lean Weight Management

Editor’s Review

Weight loss calls for metabolism boosters and energizing formulas such as those based on green tea substances, but most such products contain caffeine. Now Foods created one that gives you the full benefit of green tea extract without caffeine and its unpleasant effects in case you are not tolerating it well. Based on clinically tested constituents, these diet pills rely on decaffeinated green tea (camellia sinsensis).

The Product

The T-Lean Weight Management capsules from Now Foods are a dietary supplement with Phytosome and Green Tea Extract, now suitable to vegetarians and vegans, too. They are expected to provide better results thanks to the Increased Bioavailability technology, which makes flavonoids and other active constituents more easily available to the human body. The formulation is beneficial through its phospholipids too, which also enhance bioavailability. Moreover, there is the Phosphatidyl Choline Complex. All in all, the product shines through its antioxidant properties, as well as through the thermogenic ones.


One container with diet pills (manufactured in the USA) contains 60 capsules. One capsule represents a serving size. For this whole quantity, the retail price hits the $17 mark, but select vendor discounts make it available for much less – even for as little as $4 for trials.


T-Lean Weight Management capsules are easy to ingest and light on the stomach, a welcome quality to many dieters. Take two capsules a day, one capsule at a time. For even better results, it is recommended to take this with L-carnitine, Super Cortisol Support or with CLA. Take each serving during a meal, because food enhances the absorption of its ingredients.


The green tea extract is commonly found in diet pills and is usually mixed with caffeine for an increased effect. It triggers metabolic reactions and speeds up the fat burning process. The Now Foods product is caffeine-free. Still, many have reported diuretic effects, as they have noticed increased water loss. The product also reduces food cravings and improves energy levels through the beneficial green tea leaf extracts. In fact, this is the effect that consumers feel at first and which gives them confidence to keep taking the pills. Green tea extract is rich in flavonoids that boost the metabolic rate especially when the diet is balanced and the individual is physically active. Another role is that of protecting against oxidation damage. The Phytosome was clinically proven to work as well.

A dose of T-Lean Weight Management formulation has a total of 150 mg of active extracts per serving, but there is no known official daily value established yet. Based on trials and customer reports, the prescribed quantities are sufficient to trigger beneficial effects. Keep in mind that the product is suitable only to adults, so it’s best to keep it away from children and teenagers.

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