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Hydration supplement to satisfy your recovery needs

  • This has a unique weird taste to it. A bit kinda medicinal aftertaste
  • I felt better when I was on this
  • No issues taking this supplement from me especially my stomach

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Nutrex Research Labs Amino Charger Hydration

Editor’s Review

Bodybuilding powder supplements usually deliver extra nutrition for muscles but fail to address one of the frequently encountered issues: that of proper hydration. The dynamics inside the muscle often push the water out, especially when there is a dose of chemicals added to the mix. Dehydration thus becomes a lasting problem for heavy lifters.

The Product

The Amino Charger + Hydration dietary supplement is a powder created by Nutrex Research Labs is fully effective thanks to the clinically dosed BCAAs – a total of 6 g per serving. These, along with the hydrating agents, form the Amino Acid Hydration Complex, which is of great use when the body is stressed by heavy workouts. The product increases muscle strength, makes one more apt for sustained exercise and, ultimately, boosts muscle size. It is meant for the hardest of training conditions.


Amino Charger + Hydration is a straight-to-the-point product that means no waste. It could be a good investment, as there are 30 servings per container (total quantity 360 g or 12.7 oz.). The full price may reach as much as SG$62 but the product is also available discounted, for a price of SG$37. Shop around to find the best deals.

Taste and Mixability

Prepare one scoop by blending it with a glass of water. It will have a lovely Peach Pineapple flavor, a unique mix that proves to be satisfying. This mixes naturally with synthetic flavorings, but the better news is that there is no sugar. Consume the drink between meals.


Amino Charger + Hydration is made for charging up with amino acids and is deeply hydrating the tissue. It has no sugar in it and no artificial coloring. Just serve one scoop right after exercise or even during the session. Note that this powder does not provide many other nutrients. The quantities are negligible, with the exception of Magnesium, Calcium, and Sodium. It can successfully keep your electrolytes in check, especially after you’ve trained hard. If sweat made you lose minerals, you may replenish these quickly with this refreshing shake. The formula is based on the 2:1:1 BCAA ratio containing three branched chain amino acids: L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine. Besides these, it’s got Taurine and coconut water powder, all meant for an overall increase in one’s workout performance. Thus, Amino Charger does not affect muscle growth directly. It is not a protein powder, but a different kind of formula, which uses a proven blend of ingredients in optimal quantities, to fuel strength and improve physical performance, as a prerequisite for muscle development.

It is hard to tell how this will affect a particular individual, knowing there are always certain differences. There could be a matter of absorption, as well as of level of training and effort.

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