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Unique tasting protein blend but kinda pricey

  • Really delicious array of flavors
  • Though I didn’t gain any weight, it did help in my recomp phase of lower my bodyfat & reducing my waistline
  • You’ve to pay a slight premium cost for this product

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Nutrex Research Labs Muscle Fusion Advanced Protein Blend

Editor’s Review

The fitness and bodybuilding supplement available at Nutrex Research Labs packs protein from the following sources: whey isolate and concentrate, milk concentrate, micellar casein and hydrolyzed whey protein. When you ingest such concoction, you can rest assured that your muscles will be saturated with the nutrition they need in order to repair the tissue and grow. For lean mass, you may want to consider taking the Muscle Fusion Advanced Protein Blend. It is part of the brand’s Black series, a line of supplements created especially for athletes and bodybuilders committed to an intense training routine.

The Product

Muscle Infusion goes through the tagline “Advanced Protein Blend” based on Glutamine precursors, with 25g protein and 5g BCAAs. The ingredients list counts 11 essential amino acids to help you build more muscle mass and replenish hard-trained tissue. The proteins come from different sources, including whey protein isolate, which is a great method to ensure that it’s a complex blend that’s welcomed by anyone’s body. All these facilitate lean muscle growth and can help you achieve the ripped look you desire. If you’re training hard, you will see improved recovery and results.


You can find the supplement online at a price ranging between SG$77 and SG$126 for more than 2kg of product – precisely 2,268g, which is exactly 5lbs. You have 63 servings per container and only one per day is enough to trigger results.

Taste and Mixability

Research Labs surely took its time to come up with a taste that would please the biggest gourmand out there. Mix one leveled scoop using a spoon – it’s that easy. Enjoy the remarkable taste. You may simply have it with water (6 to 8 fl. oz.).


Muscle Fusion is an important glutamine source that promotes lean muscle growth through delivering essential amino acids to your bloodstream. The amino acid content is high and the BCAAs are completely natural and efficient. Besides, there is hardly any fat content, so you should not worry when you wish to pack just lean muscle. A serving has 160 calories when prepared with water and is only 2% carbs. You may take this at any time, regardless of your schedule – even at night. Thus, you can benefit from amino acid absorption during your sleep, which is a great advantage.

To conclude

This product can’t be taken by anyone, so be warned. It contains many potentially allergenic ingredients which may cause severe reactions if you are sensible to that. Consult the list of ingredients and make sure to get the advice of a physician before you begin supplementing.

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