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Natural and safe way to lose weight

  • A potent high quality formula
  • Feel fuller and satiated
  • Powerful fat burner and metabolism booster

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Nutrition Forest Green Coffee Bean Extract

Editor’s Review

It’s hard to fight excessive weight with dieting and exercise alone. Most people wish they had access to a product that would interfere with the way the body metabolizes fat and its main source – glucose. It’s this mechanism that makes certain people gain weight rapidly while others remain skinny. Experience and research has shown that coffee beans in their green state have an active compound able to make a difference in this sense.

The Product

The Green Coffee Bean Extract 1600 mg with 50% Chlorogenic acid, produced by Nutrition forest, is a weight loss supplement based on an antioxidant which prompts the body to release less glucose into the blood stream; thus, it controls the weight gain process. In addition, it triggers the sensation of satiety much sooner and gives more energy for daily activities. The product contains 50% Chlorogenic acid in each capsule, is natural and made of coffee beans that were not roasted. It’s a double strength supplement for a more powerful fat reduction process, recommended by pharmacists.


Green Coffee Bean Extract usually costs around $50, but currently is available online at the special price of $30 per bottle. One such bottle represents a 30 day supply (60 capsules, recommended serving = 2 capsules a day).


Take one, maximum two capsules a day with water. Make sure to have these about 30 minutes before a meal.


We are dealing here with a new and improved formulation, with 100% natural and pure extract from green coffee beans. This gets to curb down hunger levels, helping one feel fuller soon and avoid overeating. The supplement can also give the energy boost needed to handle exercise, which in turn will lead to accelerated fat loss. Since it’s based on Chlorogenic acid, which is naturally occurring in green (unroasted) coffee beans, it is natural, harmless and great for an improved metabolism. When you eat, the active substance will lower the level of glucose that goes into your blood. When its levels are high, the body starts to create fat deposits. The coffee extract helps control that process, limit it and reverse its effects.

These slimming pills definitely need to be taken regularly and just as directed in order to produce the desired result. Consumer can lose an average of 17 pounds in 12 weeks, according to a study carried out by the US National Library of Medicine. It is therefore a well researched supplement that is worth the hype. Besides, thanks to its now higher potency, it can work without intense exercise or strict diets. However, it’s best to exercise portion control while still eating varied foods, to limit the intake of highly fattening compounds.

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