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Omron Digital Body Weight Scale HN-283

A reasonably priced and stylish weighing scale that won’t let you down.

  • Accurate readings.
  • Even after multiple tries, weight is accurate within 0.1kg.
  • Will only measure in kilograms.
  • Weighing in pounds not available.
  • Sometimes the digital scale is difficult to see if there’s nearby light source right above. Light reflection.
  • I was amazed at how repeatable the accuracy of this Omron weighing scale is.
  • I weigh myself like five times on it, and got the same readings. To be sure, I experimented with an added 1kg dumbbell during weigh-in, and it spout out an accurate reading once again.
  • The measurement in pounds, well you’ve to pay a little more to get that feature found in other Omron model of weight scale line.
  • This Omron Digital Body Weight Scale HN-283 offers a no-frill reading for you, and it does as what it promised on the box.

Editor’s Review


Weight management is something most of us struggle with, if the stark statistics are anything to go by. The fight to gain a healthier weight is one we all share in, and regardless of whether we are trying to gain it or lose it, one thing remains constant- that we all need a body weight scale to monitor our progress.

In the fitness universe, it is often recommended that you should focus on the changes that you see. While this might apply to those who are trying to gain weight, or achieve a more cut physique, it excludes the rest of us who are trying to lose it. A scale is more reasonable, since it tells of the changes that we cannot see.

Omron HN-283

The Omron HN-283 is a digital body weight scale that precisely measures body weight. With a range of 5-150 kg, the scale records increments of 100g to enable you record the most trivial gains or losses in weight. It utilizes 4-sensor Accuracy Technology to ensure that each reading is accurate, and representative of the true weight.

It flaunts a slim, sleek design so it will fit right into your home bathroom. It uses tempered glass for safety, with soft corners lending heavily to this characteristic.

The scale is very intuitive. A tap using the foot turns it on. A large LCD display shows the reading in a clear, concise manner. If not in use, the scale automatically turns off, saving on the battery.

Costing less than $50 in most retail outlets, the Omron HN-283 is a must have accessory in your quest for a healthier weight. Its role might be simple, but it does help you celebrate the little successes you make when it comes to your physique. It’s a must have if you consider fitness a lifestyle.

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