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Top-of-the-line gold industry standard whey protein supplement

  • A really thick supplement. I recommend lots of fluid. ON whey has this unique chalky taste to it. I personally don’t like it but taste-wise takes a backseat if it’s effective.
  • Pricing on the higher side. So if you’re on a budget, look elsewhere.
  • I’ve tried this supp 3-4x over the years. Always helps me gaining quality mass.

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

Editor’s Review

Optimum Nutrition decided to use whey protein isolate as main ingredient and this is how it turned out, in a formula also using concentrate. Count the muscle building BCAAs and you will still wonder why it costs so much. Let’s see why.

The Product

Optimum Nutrition created the 100% Whey Gold Standard supplement, which relies on a good quantity of whey protein isolate, which is known as the purest form of protein extracted from whey. The powder can be made into a potent drink with 24 g protein from whey, plus Glutamic Acid and Glutamine (4 g).


The prices start at about $57 for 2 lb (a bit over 900 grams) and you get 29 servings per container. It is one of the more expensive supplements, but is worth buying, considering the purity level of the protein and its efficiency.

Taste and Mixability

The Double Rich Chocolate flavor must be experienced. If that sounds decadent to you – it actually is. If you choose to have a rich drink by using less liquid, its sweetness will be intense. Some consumers felt it would be appropriate to dilute it, with up to 10 fl. oz. of water, but that is of course up to everyone’s taste. To many, the sweet, intense taste is truly their dream come true. The flavor was obtained by blending natural, as well as some artificial flavorings, plus cocoa.

The formulation was improved for better mixability. It is an instantized powder, so it is enough to just mix it with a spoon. It works usually with water or milk, but not only. The quantity of liquid may vary between 4 to 6 fl.oz., for standard drink. Note that it can be mixed into yogurt or oatmeal or even into your cereal breakfast.


100% Whey Gold Standard stands proudly next to the top products in the industry. You may have one powerful serving and you will get enough protein to support the processes within hard-trained muscles. This powder delivers 24 g protein, which seems to be the average with many such products on the market these days. It does not cross the line here, but at least we are certain that this is good quality protein. It’s all in the source and the engineering. The whey protein isolate makes it something you can count on to nourish and strengthen your muscles after each training session and during the recovery period.

The drink is best served straight after a workout, so it’s recommended to bring one shake with you to the gym. As its fans have discovered, this is more than a powder to use with liquids, however. Note, that it also works in baked goods recipes, as proven many times. Thus, you can have more ways to get an extra quantity of protein into your daily diet, to pump those bigger gains.

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