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Wonderfully made BCAA supplement in terms of taste, mixability, and effectiveness

  • The lid could be bigger, seriously, so frustrating as I’ve big hands
  • Lightly taste, it won’t make you go sick of it
  • Aid in my cutting phase

Duration length of product testing: 3 months

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA Train Recover

Editor’s Review

A good supplement profile must contain BCAAs in one form or another. These are, after all, the building blocks that help with muscle growth and maintenance. Optimum Nutrition offers this Gold Standard BCAA Train+Recover Supplement in a bid to meet your amino acid needs. Packed in a black container with heavy golden accents, this product is, as ON puts it, designed to be only BCAA you will ever need.

The Product at a glance

Gold Standard BCAA is a supplement meant to increase your muscular endurance and aid in recovery post workout. It has all the makings of a pre, intra and post-workout product, thanks in part to the inclusion of electrolytes in the formulation. The patented Wellmune included helps support your immune system. It also contains Rhodiola, a Chinese herb that increases physical vitality, which means your endurance will be better. The container retails for about $30 and offers 28 servings. Each serving gives 5g of BCAAs.

Flavors and Taste

Gold Standard BCAA comes in an array of distinct flavors. These include cranberry lemonade, fruit punch, strawberry kiwi, and watermelon. This last one seems to be the favorite amongst users, though the others are all individually appealing with their strong fruity flavors and sweetness that is satisfactorily moderate. Thanks to Optimum Nutrition’s expertise in instantizing powder products, the miscibility of the product is good. You do achieve some good consistency when you stir it up and it is even better when you blend it. It does have a tendency to froth a bit, but this is an unsurprising characteristic of any protein based supplement.


BCAAs are recommended for every bodybuilder who is looking to maximize their results. Optimum Nutrition’s formula, in this case, does not disappoint. The per-scoop serving of BCAAs could be greater, but this shortcoming is offset by the inclusion of the yeast-derived Wellmune and the adaptogen Rhodiola which helps you push to your limits both physically and mentally.
It is a highly versatile product and owing to how it is formulated, it can be used before, during or after your workouts, depending on the particular needs you wish to address. If you want to increase reserves when you lift the weights, Gold Standard BCAA will help you out. Similarly, if you wish to reduce your muscle soreness and enhance your recovery, it will be there for you too.


It is hard to find faults in this particular BCAA product because there aren’t many, to begin with. The cranberry lemonade flavor, for instance, is somewhat basic to some, while the nutrient serving could be higher. But these are trivial complaints, and really, cannot distract from the appeal of this great Optimum Nutrition product.

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