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Great product but terribly designed container

  • So frustrating to try and get a scoop out of this container, the opening is so small!
  • Mind you I am Asian and I’ve smaller fingers & hands, but for Caucasians, good luck to you!
  • The dosing is very effective, I saw gains

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder

Editor’s Review

Creatine monohydrate is one of the bodybuilding-specific supplements that can be taken without worries. It’s effective and legal. More importantly, it’s been tested for efficiency countless times. If you’re the type who goes after simple and clean formulations, then the product below is good for you. It’s important to take a creatine supplement because it acts upon muscular tissue immediately and its effects can be felt with each training session.

The Product

Micronized Creatine Powder for Optimum Nutrition is a product created for the most active gym goers, committed to muscle mass boosting through intense weightlifting. It delivers in one serving no less than 5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate, a well-researched compound that can maximize muscle power and volume when the consumer engages in high-intensity workouts. Moreover, the ingredient in this formula is Creapure, a form of creatine of great purity.


Get 300 g or 10.6 oz of creatine powder per container, which is about 57 servings. Such a container is priced between SG$13 and SG$21.

Taste and Mixability

Have one rounded teaspoon (a bit more than 5 grams) with 8 to 12 oz cold water or even fruit juice. As the powder is unflavored, you can easily mix with your liquid of choice. However, you should always respect the mixing directions. Because the creatine is micronized, the powder presents itself as smaller particles, which mix well and are easily absorbed. You can prepare your drink with only a glass and a spoon, no need for shakers.


This creatine supplement from the Optimum Nutrition brand is unflavored and therefore easy to mix with your favorite drinks, but also very low in calories. What’s more important, though, is that it’s a highly potent form, that will help you put on more muscle mass than you’ve ever managed before. You won’t even have to go for a double or triple dose to enjoy the effects. However, it’s best to know you’re truly healthy before you begin supplementing – your kidneys especially must be in top shape.

If you want your muscles to be loaded with creatine for maximum gains and short recovery times, then you should take it three times per day, with meals. Also, you may want to have another round before sleep. A regime like this shouldn’t last longer than 5 days. In any other circumstances, one serving (one scoop) is enough – it is considered the optimal maintenance dose.

Creatine can be combined with protein shakes safely. It’s a good idea to have one serving after every gym workout. Don’t forget to drink more water or fruit juice than you normally do, because creatine supplementation asks you to be well hydrated. As for dietary recommendations, it’s best to ingest it along with simple carbs.

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