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Best tasting shake that offers better absorption potential than whey protein concentrate.

  • Fast absorbing protein. I could notice distinct difference of elevated energy in my workout.
  • Helps to build muscle while dropping fat.
  • On the taste front, delicious plus dissolves fast with water.
  • The only major downside is the price. For a premium quality product, either pay up or shut up.
  • Some clumping occurs when I try to mix and stack it with other supplements. Just add more water to fix it.
  • I like Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey as it has no after taste that you commonly find in other protein powder.
  • It doesn’t stink your shaker too.
  • Try leaving it for hours, Hydrowhey won’t muck up your bottle.

Duration length of product testing: 8 weeks

Weight and muscle loss seen in the after photo due to Ramadhan fasting month.

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey

Editor’s Review

A protein supplement is critical if you are serious about your fitness. Even the most complete diets cannot guarantee that the supply of protein provided is sufficient to meet the demands of the body. The more active you are, the more robust your needs, and so, a protein supplement becomes necessary. Thankfully, these abound in the market and finding one is not very hard. One brand has however stood out with its offerings.

Optimum Nutrition is an easily recognizable name whose commitment to quality is beyond reproach. For over two decades, the company has been on the forefront of helping athletes and all active people reach their varied fitness goals. With this kind of reputation preceding it, the expectations are high for any product making a headline. In this case it is the Platinum Hydrowhey, and all the attention it attracts is well warranted.

Platinum Hydrowhey

Advertised by ON as the most advanced protein that the brand has ever developed, Platinum Hydrowhey is an ultra-pure, fast acting supplement. It has undergone hydrolyzing, which reduces the size of the protein particles to encourage faster system delivery. This process also enhances its miscibility so you can dissolve it in juice, milk or water. It is compounded with digestive enzymes and micronized BCAAs to maximum its efficiency. It should be taken before and after workouts, as well as before bed.

With the strict manufacturing process that adheres to the strictest standards of quality control, every tub of Platinum Hydrowhey comes with the guarantee of quality. It’s also very easy on the palate too thanks in part to the chocolate flavoring that it comes with.

Pure Performance

Platinum Hydrowhey provides protein in its purest form. Without any fat, cholesterol or lactose, the supplement is packed with everything you need to build muscle without gaining fat in the process. It is the ideal whey supplement when you want your gains to be more significant.

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