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Tasty Casein supplement that promises prolong gains

  • Most ON casein I’ve tasted is crap as it’s has a chalky texture to it. This is different.
  • I tried it for a month and saw gains.
  • This supp gave no issue with my sensitive stomach.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Tri-Celle Casein

Editor’s Review

Casein provides one of the best sources of amino acids known. It is the primary protein in milk, and its use in the bodybuilding universe has been thoroughly researched and documented. This is owed to its gelling properties once it is introduced to the acid in the stomach. As this formed gel is slow to digest, it gives you a feeling of satiety that stays with you for a while, and provides a steady supply of amino acids, which supports, among other functions, lean muscle building.

The product – Premium Offering from Optimum Nutrition

Platinum Tri-Celle is ON’s offering of this highly revered protein. Thanks to the innovative MicelleXL technology that the company has developed, the form of casein you get in Platinum Tri-Celle has a definitely larger molecular structure. The consequence of this is the formation of an atypically larger gel that takes longer to digest. This assures you of a steady supply of amino acids over several hours. This property makes it the ideal supplement to take between meals, and before retiring to bed at night. Thanks to the inclusion of L-theanine in the mixture, you also get to enjoy its muscle relaxing benefits for quick and efficient muscle recovery post workout.

A Cut above the Rest

There is no shortage of casein supplements in the market, but Platinum Tri-Celle is unarguably among the best. Perhaps it is because it embodies Optimum Nutrition’s commitment to providing the best products for the zealous bodybuilder.

Taste and Miscibility

It has a lot of likeable properties too. Besides its great taste, its miscibility characteristics are worth pointing out. It mixes easily with all beverages, and doesn’t require a vigorous shake in a shaker bottle to completely dissolve, which is achieved from a few stirs with a spoon. You can of course, vary the water volume to achieve the consistency that you are most comfortable with. Using less water will yield a thicker shake with a stronger taste.


Each serving gives you 30 grams of casein-rich protein. Thanks to its advanced formulation using MicelleXL micellar casein technology you can rest assured of a consistent amino acid delivery to your muscles that lasts longer than usual. It also has anti-catabolic muscle support, meaning your lean gains will be maintained while you go about your daily routines outside the gym. Casein contains calcium and phosphorous too, which maintain and support good bone health and metabolism. These minerals are abundant in the supplement too.

Go Beyond

Platinum Tri-Celle Casein might be a great product, but it isn’t the only one in the Platinum line-up from Optimum Nutrition. You can check them out so that your pre and post-workout nutritional needs are comfortably met. Ensure you meet your daily dietary protein intake requirements too for maximum gains.

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