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A recovery supplement to help your gains

  • Has chalky taste to it
  • Doesn’t really mix well
  • I could make do without this supp

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Optimum Nutrition Pro BCAA Glutamine Support

Editor’s Review

Optimum Nutrition creates health and wellness products but also pre- and post-workout protein powders and similar supplements made for strength training. These are formulas to protect one’s muscle tissue and create the necessary conditions for its further growth.

The Product

Pro BCAA & Glutamine Support by Optimum Nutrition is a supplement with an emphasis on strength – that of the formulation itself and of the individual consuming it. It is a supplement that targets muscle recovery and development, with an impressive content of Vitamin C, which is quadruple the daily recommended dose for an adult. Moreover, what it actually relies on is the 2:1:1 BCAA blend and L-Glutamine. Count the Phytoblend as well, which contains extracts of red wine grapes and grape seeds, plus bioflavonoids from citruses. Each serving delivers 8 g of the BCAAs blend, with the amino acid total count reaching 13 g.

The formula contains soy-derived ingredients and that may cause allergic reactions. The color is due to the powdered beet juice in it.


You may buy it full priced or discounted, depending on your luck and search abilities. Thus, you can pay between SG$34 and SG$51 for a container weighing 90 g or 13.7 oz. This is sufficient for about 20 servings.

Taste and Mixability

Mix a serving size (2 scoops) with 10 to maximum 12 oz of liquid. It can be plain water, but make sure it’s cold. The drink has a tangy, fresh taste – flavors obtained both naturally and artificially.


Pro BCAA & Glutamine Support use BCAAs to ensure the much-needed nutrition that targets protein synthesis inside the muscle. It’s got Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine, supporting the anabolic and anti-catabolic stages. The ratio is well balanced and the supplement is effective whether it’s taken before and during exercise, not after, although this is allowed too. The consequence is that the muscular tissue no longer breaks down because of intense effort. On the contrary, the blend protects it and thus the muscle fibers can focus on growth.

The product is low in carbs and with only 5 calories per serving it should cause no worry – it won’t load you with any fat. Every consumer must be aware of the following aspect, though. When you take this supplement you need to have the specific athlete or bodybuilder regimen. This means healthy food day by day, as well as constant training (cardio + strength), otherwise, it may trigger unwanted reactions within the body. It will not yield results unless it is paired with such lifestyle.

All in all, it is a fine supplement for the hard lifting ones and can be your first buy when you want to begin supplementing with BCAAs.

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