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Increase your workout reps and intensity with this supp

  • Excellent taste. Mixes easily with no issues.
  • My bowel wasn’t affected when I was on this. I’ve a sensitive stomach for your info.
  • A complete pre and post workout supplement.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Isolate Hydrolyzed Proteins

Editor’s Review

Hard training, good rest and protein intake are the blocks of building muscle. The latter comes in many forms. Professional athletes or committed weight lifters, who are in search of a potent and reliable protein supplement, should have a look at Optimum Nutrition’s solution.

The Product

Optimum Nutrition’s Pro Complex is a protein powder drink mix for increased strength and superior muscle recovery. Based on isolate and hydrolyzed protein from whey, the supplement is part of the Pro Series Optimum Nutrition, aimed at high performance. It allows one to commit to an intense training routine, at the same time ensuring a quick and proper recovery. The daily dosage is a significant boost of power, with 60 g of protein per serving (2 scoops).


The containers of 760 g (1.68 lbs) of powder are costly but can be heavily discounted if you look for the better price. Thus, one may cost between $28 and $53, as seen with online supplement stores. It is worth to shop around, because there are high chances to come across a reduced price tag. You get only 10 servings per container so this makes it one of the least economical supplements out there.

Taste and Mixability

The various flavors for this supplement was unique for this protein powder. It makes for a very tasty drink alongside Rich Milk Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla and Strawberry. You may simply stir it with a spoon to make a rich drink using 4 to 6 oz of cold water. You may also mix it with milk or any other beverage that has a compatible taste. Note that it works well in shaker cups and electric blenders, too. You will see how easy it is to mix it.


The Pro Complex from Optimum Nutrition is an instantized powder, so it’s really easy to turn it into a drink. It has protein with a good content of amino acids for lean gains. There’s a significant content of L-Glutamine and BCAAs and a total of 140 calories per scoop, with 15 mg cholesterol and no trans or saturated fat. When made into a drink, it works great with ice in it.

It is a supplement like this that helps bodybuilders get to the next level and push themselves harder. Muscles get adequate, high quality nutrition to build extra strength. If you have a big, clear weight lifting goal in mind, this will help you focus on it and reach it. It is of great help especially when you have little time to do that, since it shortens the recovery times.

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