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If you lift, you’ll need this nifty massage tool for your recovery

  • Really cool and mobile equipment, I can carry it around anywhere. Travel-ready
  • But you must have a working desktop or laptop with USB to use this
  • The only issue is after awhile, my body got used to the 20 level intensity setting and the pad wiring is too short

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

OSIM uPixie Pulse Massager

Editor’s Review

OSIM is a reputable brand with its array of technologically advanced massagers being very well received. In a bid to extend the comforts massages bring to the masses, the company has created an ultra-portable pulse massager better known as the uPixie.

What is it?

The OSIM uPixie is a USB pulse massager that comes preloaded with different massage settings to help you relieve any aches or pains that you might be experiencing, at any given place or time.

The USB stick has a seamless design with the OSIM emblem covering its top surface. It comes with 4 pre-programmed massages for a quick session, each of which you can customize with any of the 20 levels of intensity offered. The customization options don’t end there. You can create your own kind of massage and set it into three different modes. It has 2 GB of storage provided in the form of a microSD card.

The uPixie Pulse Massager utilizes EMS technology (Electronic Muscle Stimulation). At its most basic description, this technology uses electric impulses to elicit the contraction of a muscle. These impulses are delivered through a series of electrodes placed exactly where the contraction is desired. EMS is used heavily in sports and physiotherapy because its effects have been demonstrated. What OSIM has done is customize the way EMS works by defining the way the electrical impulses are delivered to achieve different sensations such as kneading and tapping.


The uPixie is not a new concept, but it has been executed in a very laudable fashion. The ability to use it with any computer with a USB port is one of its desirable characteristics. For most of us, our lives revolve around the use of computers, so to have a product that you can conveniently use to alleviate the soreness or tension of having to lean over a desk, which will be most of the time, is simply awesome. You can, in fact, sync the massages to your music player, and get massaged to the beats of the rhythm, which is something every one of us should experience.

At $170-200 depending on online vendors, this particular product is not inexpensive. Then again, nothing from OSIM ever is. Perhaps the price is because EMS massagers for the masses have not become as popular yet, but it won’t be long before they do. For anyone who suffers occasional fatigue from their routine activities, the investment is well worth it.

The uPixie is compact, versatile and very effective in what it does. A trip to the masseuse is at best, an occasional indulgence. But if you want to have the experience at your own whim, this portable USB pulse massager is the perfect fit.

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