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Finger licking good and healthy high-protein peanut butter

  • Taste so good I had to stop myself from over-eating this PB.
  • I’m getting my good sources of good fats from this product.
  • A great buy, hurts my wallet but a good investment.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

P28 High Protein Peanut Butter

Editor’s Review

People committed to sports are in need of extra protein for building lean muscle mass, enhancing endurance and supporting muscle repair after intense exercise. It is a delight if one can get at least part of the needed protein quantity from some tasty decadent snacks and treats.

The Product

P28 has created an entire line of sweet delicious spreads, in which the peanut butter spread is unmissable. It is perfect to add to one’s favorite bread. The novelty in this version is the superior protein content. The P28 High Protein Peanut Butter delivers both superior nutrition and taste. In spite of the baking process, the amino acids are maintained.

Based on an all-natural recipe with roasted peanuts with additional protein from whey, the P28 spread is also rich in fiber as well as in vitamins B3 and E. It contains sunflower and flax seed, added for their contents of healthy oils, minerals and vitamins. There are no trans fats nor sugar, zero gluten and cholesterol.

The manufacturer is using whey isolate as protein source for this vegetarian-friendly formulation. The essential amino acids in it trigger the muscle repair processes, thus making it a useful post-workout treat that delivers important nutrients to tired muscles.


One jar of peanut butter costs $9.99, but the other spreads can vary from $9.99 to $12.99, despite of the quantity staying the same. There are at least 10 servings per container. Two tablespoons a day are ideal for anyone.


The P28 High Protein Peanut Butter doesn’t go too far from the classic taste, but you do feel it’s got something extra. There is the rich taste from the roasted peanuts but also the dash of cinnamon to enhance the flavor.

Besides the peanut butter, you may also enjoy the following spreads: Banana Raisin, White Chocolate, Caramel Turtle, Almond Spread and the brand’s own Signature Blend. Each of these works well with all bread products from P28.


Two tablespoons of P28 peanut butter provide 28 g of protein, 19 g of fat and very little sodium. Besides this, whey isolate is better than all other forms of protein available on the market. Beware though if you have issues with the following ingredients: peanuts, canola oil and milk.

This formulation makes no compromise – it even works as a weight loss aid because of the high protein content and the lack of trans fats. Even aging people and diabetics can consume this without worry. It is a source of complete protein and amino acids, plus Vitamin E and fiber from the sunflower seeds, along with Omega 3 and 6 from the flax seeds. Few spreads can please everybody. This is a food suitable for children and ideal for athletes, recommended to bodybuilders, too.

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