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Anti-fatigue supplement. Do more with alot less

  • It has a unique taste. Very distinctive, for which I like truly!
  • Effective in usage. I felt more vigorous on this
  • No issues on the mixing and it has a slight premium cost

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Pro Supps Amino Linx BCAA & EAA Matrix

Editor’s Review

Essential amino acid formulations have been generally made for the use of hard training bodybuilders. Finally, fitness-focused manufacturers are engineering such supplements for athletes of all kinds, to yield results no matter the training style.

The Product

Amino Linx BCAA & EAA Matrix by ProSupps is a dietary supplement engineered to be helpful for all athletes. The amino acid formula is enriched with the B Vitamin complex, Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, Agmatine Sulfate, Glutamine Peptides and electrolytes. It works against muscle fatigue and boosts endurance. At the same time, it promotes the quick absorption of important nutrients that penetrate deeply into muscular tissue, replenishing every cell and energizing it. Amino Linx is recommended when you wish to preserve muscle gains and fuel your every workout. A truly interesting aspect in its case is that it does not contain any stimulant so it is safe for everyone; unlike caffeine and similar stimulants, this does not cause a crash later on and does not lead to intolerance reactions.


The supplement comes in plastic containers of 411 g, meaning you get a total of 30 servings. One container is priced normally around SG$80 but is currently discounted to SG$43.

Taste and Mixability

The various cocktail taste is obtained through artificial flavouring. The good news is that it is sugar-free.  Mix 1 scoop with 8 to 10 fl oz water to prepare an effective drink. Always prepare and serve cold.


Amino Links produces the desired effects in muscles and is free of any of the banned substances. It is suitable as fuel for any physical endeavour and good for reaching and maintaining proper muscle hydration levels. The formula can cover several needs of hard training people and thus can be used to replace different supplements. In the end, your investment might be a lot smaller than it would if you bought separate products.

The product accomplishes more than being just a pre-workout fuel. It helps you do more at the gym and experience a better recovery afterwards. The electrolytes in it guarantee your muscles are properly hydrated during training and the recovery stage that follows, also helped by the B vitamins content.

Feel free to drink this before and after a workout, as well as during training. It can be consumed on any day, regardless of the schedule. The product is not suitable to a vegan diet. If you are not convinced, you can order free samples at Prosupps.com, the manufacturer’s official website, to see how you like the taste and how your body tolerates this new and complex formulation.

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