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Sweet savory protein supplements

  • The taste is really sweet. You should dilute it with more liquid than the usual whey supps.
  • Provides with me quality supplement at a really affordable price. There’s plenty of servings here.
  • Helped me maintained my muscle even when I was lacking in resistance training.

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Pro Supps PS Isolate

Editor’s Review

For most of the time, athletes are simply in need of a high performance protein supplement that delivers what it promises to. This is because intense training calls for easily absorbed protein in large quantities and there are only specific supplements to help with that. We will have a look at a product belonging to this highly targeted range:

The Product

This 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate is a certified GMP supplement aimed at athletes and especially at weight lifters. It is based on whey isolate obtained through a special filtration process in a cold environment, to prevent protein damage. Thus, the resulting powder contains protein with a great bioavailability.

Each serving delivers a good quantity of protein (21 g per serving), is very low in carbs and contains no fat whatsoever. The quality of its ingredients has been thoroughly tested, as well as the product efficiency. PS Isolate does not contain whey concentrate and is not being treated with acid, nor does it go through other harmful or damaging processes that involve heat. It is a product for protein synthesis maximization and is most suitable to hard-training individuals.


One scoop has 26 g and you get a total of 36 servings in one container. For a package of this size, prices vary between $40 and $60, depending on the vendor and the current discounts.

Taste and Mixability

It has a variety of  pleasant flavors. Each serving is enough if you mix it with 4 to 6 ounces of cold water and it’s truly delicious without sugar. This is a fine powder for instant mixing and with no clumps resulting in the process.


The ProSupps product marketed as PS Isolate stands out because it delivers protein you can actually use – this means it is readily absorbed by the body and goes to the muscle tissue for repairs and bulking. In addition, it is easy to digest and with plenty of the much needed amino acids.

You get 90 calories in a scoop and 21 g of protein but it does not provide much else in terms of nutrition, so therefore the protein is its only focus. If you have any allergies or a special diet, be mindful, as the powder also contains, besides the whey, soy and wheat.

You are not wasting any money because every scoop is packed with protein that your body gets to use accordingly, for building muscle and repairing damaged tissue. Depending on your needs, you may have up to 3 servings a day and remember to drink a lot more water when you are on such a high protein diet.

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