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The secret to gaining weight without the fat and bloat

  • The powder is refined, so be careful with it, not to open in windy rooms
  • Doesn’t makes you have that bubble gut when you’ve eaten too many carbs
  • Really good supplement this one

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Pro Supps Pure Karbolyn

Editor’s Review

ProSupps decided to take bodybuilding nutrition further and created a supplement ideal for whenever you need to be loaded with carbs. Moreover, its effects make it a great choice for contest preparation time.

The Product

Art Atwood’s Pure Karbolyn Unflavored is a dietary supplement produced by ProSupps and defined as fuel for muscle. We are dealing here with an advanced formulation for quicker results, that will increase energy during training times and help the body recover much faster after the gym effort. It contains none of the banned substances and has no sodium, no fat, no sugars and not even protein. It is simply based on Karbolyn, a complex carbohydrate extracted from corn, rice, and potatoes and made into a more sophisticated and efficient form. It is made of monosaccharides bonded by glycosides. The formula is engineered in a way that makes it easier to absorb in the stomach. That is more efficient than any carbohydrate food on the market. Karbolyn is still to be patented and it probably will, considering it’s a substance with unique properties.


Pure Karbolyn comes in large containers of 2 kg or 4.4 lbs which cost between SG$60 and SG$108, depending on the active discounts.

Taste and Mixability

The supplement has no flavor so it can be mixed with the drink of your choice. It is processed into a high-quality instantized powder that’s easy to blend right away. To prepare it, you might need a shaker cup. Add one scoop to 10 ounces of water or to another liquid.


Karbolyn is much better for workouts than cheap unprocessed starch. It swells the muscles by increasing the cell volume. At the same time, it pulls the water out, making you look ripped. It pulls nutrients as well. To let it fuel your workouts as desired, have a shake one hour before exercising.

The unique formulation is free from sugar and gluten and thus is much healthier than any fast acting snack you could get right before training or when you feel depleted. It is really effective when you want a rapid boost of energy that lasts and some good nutrition – far better than any of the quick snacks out there. The supplement works great prior to competitions but can also be consumed before, during or after training.

To understand how efficient Karbolyn is a carbohydrate, we can have a look at its protein equivalent; it’s the powder made of highly processed whey protein for superior absorption. Karbolyn is made the same way, through a complex process. It is absorbed quickly and does not bloat. It charges the muscle with the glycogen it needs so badly, thus delivering high-quality nutrition to your muscular fibers.

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