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Healthy biteful snack to keep your diet in check

  • In between my meals, I just would eat a handful of these. Keeps me full.
  • Ideal snack as it has low sodium level for those who don’t want to get bloated.
  • One of the more cheaper rice cakes around, but doesn’t skimp on quality.

Duration length of product testing: 1 week

Real Foods Rice Thins Rice Cakes Wholegrain

Editor’s Review

Real Foods has been perfecting its techniques and earning the trust of consumers worldwide since 1980. As a brand concerned with its customer’s health, it refuses to use genetically modified ingredients. Thus, the result is healthy, natural foods with a perfect taste without any additives. A lot of people are now having a real interest in its special Rice Thins.

The Product

Real Foods takes rice cakes to a whole new level by changing the basic ingredient. These ones are made of whole brown rice, have no fat and very low calorie content. Plus, they come with 4% dietary fiber and keep all the nutritious elements of wholegrain brown rice intact. The other ingredients are: sea salt, natural herb extracts and sunflower oil.

Real Foods has also paid attention to the texture, the surface and the thickness of these rice cakes. You will find that these are thin and with a smooth texture, so you can even use them in sandwiches instead of bread. These represent a healthy option for anyone, regardless of their fitness goals or weight.


One package of 25 slices regularly costs $3.80. In stores you may also find offers that sell several such packages for a discounted price.


With these wholegrain brown rice cakes, the flavor is pleasant, but not too obvious. It is really subtle, so the cakes can be easily consumed with a great variety of spreads and other foods or toppings. There is nothing bland or unpleasant about it.


It is amazing to see how many uses these rice cakes can have. A slice has only 20 calories and zero fat. It is smooth but at the same time crispy, which will make this product an addictive one. These cakes are made with popped rice grains and are very different from the thicker rice cakes. You will consume them in many ways, at every meal – even with soup.

This is an excellent product for the gluten intolerant crowd. It may go softer with time, but this is when the cakes actually become better suited to sandwiches, so they’re not lost. However, they must be carefully stored, so that they don’t lose their freshness. Also, these cakes are not supposed to be heated, but eaten as they are and with cold or room-temperature toppings. Use them with fish like tuna, with salad ingredients, fresh fruits, meat and so on.

Even when you are consuming large quantities of such rice cakes, you can still make sure that your diet is under control and that you only get benefits from them. There are no additives, no harmful ingredients, so these are suitable for daily eating.

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