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An alternative solution to pills when it comes to multivitamins

  • One of the three flavor I didn’t quite like it. I don’t know which one. I just close my nose and chew.
  • Nice gummy texture but very sticky. I had to use a fork to extract it out of the jar.
  • Felt better when I was on this. I’ve not been sick for quite some time now *touch wood*.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Rexall Sundown Naturals Adult Multivitamin

Editor’s Review

Multivitamin formulas for adults have so many uses: they correct deficiencies caused by poor diets, boost energy levels, make the body more apt for exercise, and relieve stress and much more. When the brand and the ingredients along with the concentration are well chosen, the consumers reap all the benefits and can sense a major difference in their daily life.

The Product

Rexall Sundown Naturals created the gluten-free Adult Multivitamin to address the needs of customers looking for a natural supplement with the least number of side effects. The product is enriched with Vitamin D3 (800 IU), A, C and the B vitamins for energy production and metabolism. The combination is meant to give the immune system a boost and also to promote bone health. Add the Zinc, Folic Acid and Pantothenic Acid and you have a most useful spectrum. All the other ingredients are in concentrations of under 2%.

Rexall Sundown Naturals is known for its supplements range that includes vitamin oils and capsules, minerals, melatonin, enzymes, herbal extracts and so on. It has considerable experience in selecting prime quality natural ingredients and creating effective supplements.


The brand is also known for its small, affordable prices. This rather large container has a price tag of $11 – $12. For this amount you get 120 pieces in one jar, which means you get 60 servings.

Taste and Directions

Rexall Sundown Naturals produced gummies tasting like orange, grapes and cherries. These flavors are based only on natural ingredients. The colors come from vegetables juice. A serving is of two gummies a day. It’s best to take these with food, to maximize absorption. They don’t have to be swallowed, as they will melt in the mouth.


The Adult Multivitamin supplement is based on a combination of minerals and vitamins essential for health. It is considerably rich in Vitamin D, exceeding the amount found in many similar products. Vitamin D supports the immune function while in conjunction with the minerals it strengthens the bones.

The product is useful to sedentary people, to stressed-out individuals, whose body is easily depleted of nutrients, but also to athletes and anyone who hits the gym regularly. Note that it can be easily altered by heat, therefore it needs to be stored in a cool place. Being free from potential allergens, it is thus considered a very friendly formulation.

The gummy form is ideal for many consumers, especially for those who have a hard time swallowing pills. Thanks to their sweetness and varied taste, these are seen like a nice daily treat. With the Adult Multivitamin you can be sure to never forget taking your vitamins again.

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