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Perfect 5 stars rating for this awesome blender bottle

  • I love this blender bottle. It makes my previous shaker bottle look like crappy products.
  • The handle is not flimsy like other blender bottle.
  • Easy to wash and the compartments is a brilliant idea.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Ronnie Coleman ProStak Blender Bottle

Editor’s Review

The Ronnie Coleman Prostack Blender Bottle is not just a useful tool for those, who are constantly in need of preparing smoothies, sports drinks and shakes to enhance their gym performance and improve their diet, but it has the value of a collector’s item. This bears the signature of a famous bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman. And fans know that he would not allow any issues with quality under any circumstances. His name is always connected to top quality.

The Product

Let’s have a few basic data: the bottle is either entirely blue (Full Blue) or a combination of blue and translucent white. It has a capacity of 22 oz. It features a loop for carrying that’s probably going to be patented. The StayOpen Flip Cap doesn’t let the bottle close at inappropriate moments. Besides, it’s got millimeter markings, a BlenderBall (like a spherical whisk that helps mix the ingredients when shaken) and safe materials altogether.


The Ronnie Coleman ProStalk Blender Bottle can be ordered online and costs S$22.00. Because it doesn’t leak, you may carry it with you to the gym.


Its uses are fairly varied. You may use it to blend your protein shakes or creatine. It is definitely suitable to an intense regimen like that of a professional bodybuilder. After all, it’s got Ronnie Coleman’s signature on it. You can use it with various supplements as well, with vitamins and so on. The materials are neutral and will not compromise the supplements quality in any way. This is one very important aspect. As for the liquids that you use, you may employ anything that’s needed: water, milk, vegan milks and so on.

Quality and Performance

The ProStak blender is easy to use and it won’t take long until you figure it all out. The lid stays well put and the opening is wide enough, so you can easily put the ingredients inside. Because the whisk ball is made of the kind of stainless steel that is used in surgery, it poses no threat to your health. The same can be said about the plastic material – it is free of dangerous compounds that can spread into your drink and make it harmful.

What’s highly convenient is that you can take this bottle and have it cleaned in the dishwasher. You may treat it just like any other item in your kitchen that can go safely into the dishwasher. If you are looking for a higher capacity bottle, don’t worry, it can be expanded. You may use specific jars from the same brand to extend this. Currently there are two different sizes available. However, you may not need these, as this blender bottle is good enough as it is and can suit the needs of the average consumer.

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