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An excellent but rather pricey whey protein supplement

  • This whey requires more fluid to mix the power. It’s very thick.
  • The taste is excellent! Can be a milkshake substitute if you know how to make one.
  • Sustained my energy in the gym, and results in gains for me.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks


Editor’s Review

Your efforts at the gym combined with protein supplementation can make you see results much faster. It’s important to have a high-quality protein though, and food doesn’t always guarantee that it delivers you the best. The same is applicable to the supplements.

The Product

The Great Tasting Supreme Multifaceted Protein Powder of the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Pro-Antium is a higher tier supplement. It is based on protein that was blended with great precision. You get 29 g of such protein per scoop plus 5 g of creatine, with BCAAs and EAAs. Also, this is made with Ronnie’s Whey patented formula and is a mega-bodybuilder’s recipe for amazing muscles. Have no worries about the fat and sugar content, you’ll barely find anything like this in it.


Ronnie Coleman’s Pro-Antium is on the pricier side but its buyers say that the advantages are worth it. The protein powder comes in containers of 5.6 pounds, with the new price of $10.45 per pound.

Taste and Mixability

This is truly one of the best tasting powders ever. It comes with flavors such as Double Chocolate Cookie and Strawberry Shortcake. For Double Chocolate Cookie you’ll actually find cookie pieces in it, which makes it surprising and unusual in the best sense. Because the powder is thick, it’s not so easy to mix but you’ll get there eventually. It’s all excellent even if you only mix it with water, although it goes better with milk. Follow the directions on the label.


When Ronnie Coleman, crowned as Mr Olympia for no less than 8 times, launches a product on the market, it’s normal to have everyone interested and excited. Coleman stands for quality muscle building and fulfilled promises, which is why everyone was so excited when this line of products was announced. With Pro-Antium, its main purpose is to maximize the gains and it manages to do so. It’s best used post workout, but you may take this before as well, to feel that you can last longer in the gym. It contains protein types which are slowly metabolized, while others act faster. The powder feels smooth as you drink it, is easily digested and used to repair your stressed out, sore muscles.

Also, this can be employed as a meal replacement, since it will make you reach the feeling of satiety quickly. It seems the label doesn’t lie, the numbers on it are actually true. On a final note, the product tastes and feels like a good dessert or milkshake even when it’s only mixed with water.

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