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Look good in a sporting jacket

  • If you’re Asian, I recommend getting 1 size down.
  • I used it off the parcel. Put it on and zip up. You’re ready to go.
  • Fabric looks thick but it’s actually quite comfortable and warm.

Duration length of product testing: 1 week

Ryderwear Mens Varsity Jacket Red

Editor’s Review

Ryderwear is an Australian brand producing street and gym apparel for men and women, proving a solid understanding of the need for comfort as well as style. Find the online shop with worldwide delivery at Ryderwear.com.au and purchase tanks, tights, sports bras, plus gym/lifting shoes – only comfortable and reliable apparel for bodybuilding or lifting. The item to be reviewed, however, was conceived as street wear and is doing its part perfectly.

The Product

Ryderwear has created Men’s Varsity Jacket with a true sense of urban fashion. The sporty piece has a red torso with light gray sleeves plus red + black + white accents. Then, there’s the beautiful logo across the chest. This is not a print, but an actual addition made of a different, shiny fabric, embroidered at the edges. The jacket features bold details that make a difference – like the ribbed cuffs and the already mentioned applique logo in front, which is truly attention-grabbing. In addition, there are two front pockets, one on each side. Men’s Varsity Jacket comes in sizes from S to XXL and is made of a blend of polyester and cotton.


The jacket normally costs about $70 but can be discounted to $50 in the manufacturer’s web shop. They have big stock sales every now and then, which are announced on their social media pages as well and are worth checking.


The Varsity Jacket developed by Ryderwear goes beyond the brand’s usual gym clothing. It’s an item developed with a great sense of both sports and street style. Although Ryderwear may seem entirely dedicated to gym apparel, in fact it can appeal to a very wide range of customers. This jacket proves it.

Note that the brand’s stylists suggest wearing this with cropped pants, preferably black and with white shoes. While this may work best, it surely fits many types of jeans out there, so no worries about matching it. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily for the fit people, although it certainly looks flawless on them. It does manage to suit many body types and conceal the flaws thanks to its cut. If you are athletic, it will fit to your muscular physique. Make sure to pick the right size for you. If you are rather chubby or on the skinny side, the fabric will not show anything unflattering or ‘hang’. Wear it to boost your confidence and show your sporty and urban side.

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