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The Sultan of all lifting shoes

  • These lifting shoes, I can’t rave enough about it. It got swag, functionality and it’s comfortable as hell!
  • It fits me just nice. I bought US9, same fitting as my Nike’s US9 just to give you any idea of the sizing.
  • I felt stable and strong when I was wearing the shoe when lifting. No issues there.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Ryderwear Raptors G-Force Black Ice

Editor’s Review

You need more than a pair of sports shoes when you are committed to intense training at the gym. You need a lightweight pair that protects your feet but doesn’t add to the stress. This is where the special shoe brands come into the picture. Ryderwear surprises through a combo of amazing design, functionality, comfort and great materials, all in one shoe.

The Product

The Raptors G-Force Black Ice by Ryderwear are made to help bodybuilders get that much needed support and comfort as they lift very big weights. This aims to be “the ultimate gym training shoe” that will help one through many reps of deadlifts and squats. These are exercises that call for feet strength and good support. As the soles, toes and ankles take so much stress, it becomes obvious that the right shoes will help a great deal. Consider that these have latex on the inside of the heel area.

The Raptors G-Force come with breathable mesh upper of the highest quality and provide ankle support. Their highly pleasant design features flexible leather in front and at the rear of the shoe. It’s got very few discreet blue highlights and the logo in blue placed on the heel. The shoes are available in sizes from US 5 to US 14.


You can get the Raptors G-Force Black Ice at the standard price of $124.95, as shown on the brand’s official website.


First of all, this is a visually pleasing gym shoe. Black Ice is definitely a good name for it, considering its mixture of matte and shiny surfaces. The black is nicely complimented by the slim blue details. It’s got a stylish and discreet highlights design and the sole is flat, to ensure the needed grip and stability.

The shoe is built to offer adequate ankle support but without going too high. It will not restrict your moves in any way. Freedom of movement is ensured. Who can wear the Raptors G-Force? While these shoes were made and marketed for men, there are no real restrictions here. This model is suitable for men, but can be bought by ladies too. What matters the most is that you read and respect the specifications given on the site for the genders, as you will have to pick a different size.

Overall this is a training shoe of great flexibility, with a durable outer sole and quality material all over. The price is also to be appreciated. The model doesn’t have any of the extra features other gym shoes boast with, they’re straight to the point and so the price isn’t boosted. You may buy the same as the White Ice version or colorful ones.

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