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The High Priest of lifting shoes, awesomely built

  • The quality of material is excellent. Still looks new even after a month of using.
  • The stitching is impeccable.
  • Feels comfortable when gymming in this. I achieved alot of PRs using this pair of lifting shoe.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Ryderwear Raptors Red

Editor’s Review

Going into the weight room is like going into battle. You have to psychologically prepare for it, and you have to be prepared to put in a lot of effort. Part of the success, in both, is to have the right gear. The weight room might be a place to sweat, but this does not, in any way, imply that you have to be underdressed. Having the right outfit boosts your confidence. But most of all, it makes sure that your time there, regardless of how intensive, is free of injury or strain.

Ryderwear Raptors

This iconic piece of footwear exudes of luxury from the very moment you set your eyes upon it. The Red variant is bold and teasing, and looks to be worn by the bodybuilder who is not afraid of style. Made from action canvas and fabric, it is a pair that is designed to lend you as much support as you need to move big weights with ease.


This Red Ryderwear Raptors pair is nice to look at. It is adorned with black laces which go all the way to the top if you want the shoes firmly fitted. A black panel on back creates visual contrast, and creates an accent that distracts from the rich red colour. An insignia on the back completes its look.

It has a purposeful high-top design which is meant to offer you ankle support. This is reinforced with padding which ensures that the joint is firm when your feet are planted solid in the ground. The sole is flat, as it should be, as this increases the contact area between your sole and the floor. This increases your stability when doing heavy compound exercises. The heel has some latex cushioning. It is meant to make your heels comfortable as they are heavily involved in deadlift and squatting movements.

The recommendation is to go up a size if you are between sizes. There is a large variety of these, starting with a size six and going up all the way to a size fourteen.

This pair has enough charm and characteristic to stand out even when you are outside the weight room. While it is designed to work hard, it can pair nicely with a fitting pair of jeans if you want to hit the streets or the club scene at night. It is this kind of versatility that probably warrants the price. It sells for $100, or on either side of that figure depending on where you shop. Not exactly cheap for a pair of gym shoes, but it has longevity and attitude written all over it. There are cheaper options available, obviously, but perhaps none that look as good.

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