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Overload your dips with Schiek’s high quality dipping belt

  • Fits even on a smaller sized Asian me, my waist is around 31 inches.
  • I’ve loaded it with 50 kilograms with no issues.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Schiek Genuine Leather Dipping Belt Model L5008

Editor’s Review

Belts have their irrevocable place in the weight room. From providing assistance with achieving proper form to allowing weight loads to be added, these simple accessories have proved to be essential.

Dipping belts are one among the many belt products that are a must-have for that serious bodybuilder. Schiek offers a genuine leather dipping belt that can be used to load weight for pull-ups and dips movements.


The belt is constructed from high quality materials. It has an uncomplicated design, and comes with a heavy gauge steel chain and carabineer. It has a contoured design, with the back being the widest part at 7”. Some padding is included to ensure that the belt stays comfortable, regardless of the weight it supports. The belt has Schiek’s patented taper on the sides.

The first thing you notice about the belt is how comfortable and fitting it is. The carabineer closes without a hitch. Those with narrow waists might find it ill-fitting as the leather straps are designed to be somewhat long. In the absence of that good fit, it might slip down when used with heavy weights. With the exception of this, there are no other shortcomings.

Schiek has other dipping belts in its collection, but none have the same high-quality leather construction. It is available for $50, give or take, which is consistent with the pricing of other dipping belts in its class.

At a meager 5lbs, the belt can be used by novice weight trainers who, in their progressive training, want a safe and reliable way to add tension. Ideal for dips and pull-ups, the Schiek genuine leather dipping belt will stay comfortable when used with heavy weights, and will endure many years of abuse before any of its components become faulty.

If you’re shopping for a dipping belt, Schiek’s offering is worthy enough to earn your consideration.

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