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A heavy duty lifting belt to last a lifetime

  • Oddly comfort in wearing despite it’s thick material.
  • You need a couple of workout session using before it’s get ‘flexible’.
  • No issues when using this.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Schiek Power Leather Contour Belt L2004

Editor’s Review

When Schiek first ventured off the beaten path and created the first contoured lifting belt, the fitness industry had no idea how important this creation would be. Over a decade later, many bodybuilders have grown appreciative this intuitively designed belt that works with the natural curve of the spine.


The power leather contour belt L2004 boasts the same design as that industry-changing belt the company made 10 years ago. It is 4-3/4” at the back where it is widest. The padded lumbar insert mitigates the pressure the belt exerts on your body. This ensures comfort regardless of the immensity of the weights you use.

A double-prong stainless steel buckle with copper rivets ensures the belt remains in place throughout your workout. The contoured design ensures that the back support offered by the belt doesn’t interfere with the movement of your hips and ribs. Its narrow length at the sides ensures you get enough movement room when performing squats and deadlifts.

The leather material used is incredibly sturdy, passing a silent promise of longevity. There is an abundance of belt holes available, so regardless of your waist size, you will always be able to get that tight fit. The stainless steel buckle isn’t annoyingly big, so it will not get in the way.

The belt comes in two models. This L2004 is the smaller between the two, with the other L2006 having a wider, 6” back. This is the only difference between the two.

Schiek continues to lead the industry in contoured belts. This is perhaps a display of what a forward-thinking approach can do for a company that obsessively strives to provide fit people with the best pieces of equipment and accessories. For less than $70, the power leather contour belt can be yours. It is very ergonomic, and will stay with you for the rest of your lifting days.

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