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A tasty slow released protein supplement

  • Most casein protein I’ve tried taste like chalk, this one is slightly better
  • Mixes really good, no issues there
  • I recommend you stack this with another mixture

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Six Star Pro Nutrition, Casein Protein, Elite Series

Editor’s Review

Athletes and bodybuilders are quite dedicated to building the desired physique. They religiously follow a diet and exercise regime. However, to develop muscles and build a body, just exercise does not suffice. Additionally, certain nutrients are needed externally too, as the body cannot meet the need for all the protein required (and depleted) during exercising or by following a routine diet.

The Product

Six Star Pro Nutrition Casein Protein Elite Series is a slow release casein protein dietary supplement that helps to release amino acids into the body for building new proteins and subsequently muscles. The supplement mixes instantly and its sustained release formulation lasts for 8 hours. The chief ingredient of this dietary supplement is, of course, a slow release casein protein blend which contains micellar casein obtained from milk protein isolate. The other ingredients include cocoa powder which is processed with alkali, along with maltodextrin, salt, natural and artificial flavours, acesulfame potassium, silicon dioxide, guar gum, and sucralose. These ingredients are sourced from the US and international market and formulation are completely free of aspartame. However, it must be noted that the dietary formulation contains milk products and is processed in a facility where ingredients, such as egg, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish are also processed, in case of pre-existing allergies.


The 2lb or approximately 907 gms bottle of Six Star Pro Nutrition Casein Protein, containing triple chocolate and part of the Elite Series costs about $32 and has an expiration date of August 2020.

Taste and Directions

The casein protein formulation has a triple chocolate flavour which makes it rich in taste too, apart from being rich in proteins. In fact, the formulation has been awarded a ‘Gold Medal for Superior Taste’ by the American Masters of Taste. A single scoop or single serving of the instant mix is to be taken with 10 oz of water or skimmed milk. It can even be blended with ice or fresh fruit of choice, any juice or with peanut butter to create an appetizing smoothie. A maximum of 2 scoops or servings is recommended throughout the day, of which one should be had before bedtime and for better results, 2 servings can be had at once, preferably before bed.


The casein protein recommended for use by bodybuilders, active individuals and strength athletes help provide sustained release casein protein, thus prolonging the amino acid delivery in the body, thereby providing the branch chained amino acids, namely valine, leucine, and isoleucine. Thus, the casein protein supplies the body with the daily requirement of protein along with support for muscle recovery.

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