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Quality timepiece doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive

  • It has a manly appeal to it.
  • The watch feels solid and rugged.
  • It features many functional features that aids in my bodybuilding pursuit.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

SKMEI Pedometer 3D Fitness Running Step Walking Stopwatch Digital LED Sport Watch

Editor’s Review

Below we will present you one of the finest looking fitness watches for men. Besides its good looks, you will find a resistant, reliable timepiece with multiple handy functions. This digital sports watch is a low power device that can be used as a pedometer, a stopwatch and an alarm clock, to name its main functions.

The Product

SKMEI 1112 Waterproof Multifunctional 3D Pedometer Alarm Stopwatch is a digital watch with a modern, fresh and stylish appearance. It is made of carefully selected components gathered from trustworthy manufacturers across the globe. The male-oriented piece comes in black or green color and sports a unique design; it is equipped with a Japan-made battery and has original Japan movement. In addition, the stopwatch has a round display covered by a resistant glass that withstands abrasion; it houses an IC chipset made in Taiwan. The high quality silicone rubber band is made in Germany. As for its circumference, it stands at a minimum of 19 cm and can be extended to 24.5 cm. It is a pedometer, a stopwatch, an alarm clock and a calendar, all in one. Its dimensions are as follows: L 2 x W 4.5 x H 1.5 cm. The model was released in 2010 and is assembled in China.


This fitness-suitable men’s watch is available online: a new one will start at $8.5 on Amazon. You can also find it on Ebay, where the price is slightly higher. All in all, it tends to cost about SG$16, with no shipping costs included.


The SKMEI 1112 Digital LED Sport Watch for Men is a wristwatch for the very active, endowed with multiple functions. The resin glass is perfectly transparent and thus all the LED characters are easily visible. The strap made of high grade silicone rubber is soft to the touch but lasts well. Its design is overall compact and very beautiful, making for a perfect, easy to wear accessory for sporty men. The timepiece is waterproof up to 5ATM; no keys should be pressed while it’s submerged.

Given its many functions, this watch comes in handy whenever you are doing sports – not just when swimming. It will help you time your exercises and keep track of your efforts and progress (like counting steps and so on). It helps you stick to your plans and thus become consistent with your training as you record your exercise times. You can wear it as you swim, scuba dive (no deeper than 50 m), or snorkel.

The round display is large enough to show the needed data clearly, but not so large that it becomes uncomfortable. The case measures 4.8 cm and is 1.4 cm thick. The band measures 2.2 cm in width. The movement is based on Quartz.

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