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Increase your testosterone & stamina levels

  • Dude, morning wood all-day, every-day LOL!
  • My strength level went up but somehow my mood was dampen when I’m on this. Weird.
  • Bottomline I saw gains, slight, but it’s still gains.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Source Naturals Tribulus Extract

Editor’s Review

It’s intriguing and wonderful how herbs known to act on certain bodily functions also have other effects, too. Thus, they become useful in situations that are vastly different. It’s the case with Tribulus terrestris, a tropical vine common to Asia, very rich in saponins. Thanks to these compounds, the herb is said to be highly beneficial to both men and women as far as the reproductive function is concerned. At the same time, it is of help when weight training and can increase the quality of workouts.

The Product

Source Naturals packs 450 mg of Tribulus extract in its new tablets – a dietary supplement that supports the reproductive function. This brand wants to make a difference and deliver this herb in a more convenient form. Tribulus Extract is a hypoallergenic product which is also suitable to vegetarians. It’s got no flavoring, no preservatives or other harmful artificial ingredients, a sign that the manufacturer is truly committing to high quality standards.


You can buy a container counting 60 tablets for the price of $7 – $14, depending on the vendor and on which promotional deal is currently active. Tribulus Extract is available to purchase in many online herbal stores.


Take one or two tablets a day with plenty of water. Do not increase the dose by yourself without proper consultation if you wish to obtain quicker results.


The herb used in this supplement, Tribulus terrestris, is usually available in powder form but it does not come in the same concentration as this product. It is much more convenient to take the Source Naturals tablets, especially when considering that one has to take them daily for a long period of time (just like with any other herbal remedy that is expected to influence bodily functions). When real commitment is shown, results start to appear.

First of all, Tribulus Extract promotes emotional calmness but does not make one drowsy. On the contrary, the individual is energized, mentally and physically. It’s because the active compounds act on the hormones, which are responsible for how we feel and even how energetic we are. Several changes may occur in the body, depending on the individual and their current condition.

This is, more or less surprisingly, a supplement that is also beneficial to bodybuilders. If you are weight training, you will see an improvement, in terms of workout energy and endurance. It is well known that hormones, reproductive ones especially (e.f. testosterone) have a direct effect on performance.

Like with most herbal supplements, one shouldn’t rush to judge this harshly. It requires some patience because this is a slow acting agent. However, the changes, once they happen, will be for a long time.

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