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Massage on a budget

  • I recommend get a firmer ball as over time you’ll get used to the soft one and won’t feel the trigger as much.
  • Small enough to carry in your bag, no excuse not to bring it out.
  • Using this is not a one-time off massage, you need to roll often to unknot your knots.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Spikey Massage Trigger Ball

Editor’s Review

The MassageBall is a welcome invention to anyone looking for a quick tissue and circulation stimulation. This is like a reflex ball, only that its nodules are rounded. It acts upon the skin and the muscles, massaging these in a different way compared to other such devices. This is because of the multitude of spikes on its surface.

The product

As the therapy was already described, let’s have a look at other details concerning this product – for example, the material. This is made entirely of PVC and contains no rubber. There are, however, traces of lemon perfume to make it fresh smelling. Use this as a therapy ball to relax tense muscles and tendons, as well as to relieve muscular pain, but don’t use it on wounds or frail bones and skin. Also, it should not be employed on the area of an organ that is suffering for some reason. The massage balls are available in many colors but only in one size, of 10 cm.

How it works?

Funny as they may look, the Spikey massage balls are quite efficient at what they do. First of all, these are based on a very simple concept. They are plastic spheres with spikes all over. There are no less than 230 such spikes on its surface. The massage increases the blood flow in the targeted area and is excellent at removing muscular tension accumulated throughout the day or during exercise. The nervous system is also stimulated and benefits of such massage.

How to use it?

To enjoy a massage with the Spikey Trigger Ball, simply roll it on the bodily area of choice. For a deeper action, apply some pressure, but keep it gentle. The ball is ideal for foot massage. Roll it between your toes and your heels, especially after you’ve taken out your shoes, to reduce stress and relax your feet. If you want to use it on your back, simply lean against a wall and move the ball. You can do the same with the back of your neck, which is another area that will greatly benefit. Instead of a wall, you may also use the floor.

The Spikey massage ball is often employed in Reflexology, due to its ability to stimulate the sensory elements and the tissue. It also helps drain the lymph, which is only possible through massage or through movement. Acupuncturists also say it is a precious tool, because it stimulates energy meridians and pressure points.

Spikey balls come in different versions, from soft to very rigid ones. Pick them according to your needs, preferably after having received professional advice. Any of these provides real therapeutic benefits to anyone who tends to experience soreness, stiffness etc.

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