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Great tasting high quality isolate protein

  • What makes this supplement stands out is its flavor.
  • I must admit it is unique in taste and I can’t wait to buy other flavor.
  • I needed a good hard shake for a good mix.
  • Effectiveness, it worked as promise.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Supp taken during the Ramadhan fasting month

Syntrax Nectar

Editor’s Review

Whey is considered to be the best protein source owing to its comprehensive composition of amino acids. With the abundance of options in the market, Syntrax has been able to set itself apart with Nectar. This ultrafiltered, and undenatured whey protein isolate supports muscle synthesis, and is recommended as a post-workout supplement, an early morning drink and a pre-bed shake.

The Product

Syntrax Nectar is a great tasting protein product that has a great nutrition profile. With zero sugar and fat, it is an ideal supplement for weight lifters looking to increase their lean muscle gains. One scoop mixed in 8 ounces of water or skim milk constitutes one serving. Two to three servings are recommended per day, depending on your protein requirements.


The 2 pound tub retails for a little over $30 and offers about 36 servings. It is not unaffordable, and given the ingredients used, it’s safe to say that Syntrax Nectar offers good value.

Taste and Mixability

The product is available in an array of flavors. Among these offerings, Fuzzy Navel is the most popular. It is highly delectable and hardly tastes like a protein supplement. The Caribbean Cooler flavor is also really good. Miscibility is not instant, but a vigorous shake helps dissolve any clumps that may form initially.


One serving yields about 100 calories and 23g of protein and zero carbs. It offers a great nutritional balance and the absence of unnecessary additives improves its profile when compared with the competition. It’s easily digestible, and provides enough protein to support your muscles if consumed in a timely manner.

The great taste, value and superior ingredient profile is what makes Syntrax Nectar very compelling. It makes a great post-workout supplement and many customers use it as such. If you are just getting initiated into the world of protein supplements, this is a great option to start you off.

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