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Best tasting Calcium supplement around

  • It’s like eating candy! Of course, it isn’t, so follow the consumption protocol by the label
  • I like to stack this with my other sour tasting supplements, a good idea right!
  • My sensitive stomach has no issues with this supplement

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

T-RQ Calcium 500 + Vitamin D

Editor’s Review

There’s no proper functioning of the body when one isn’t having enough of the essential vitamins and minerals. In many situations, we need these for additional benefits like improving our mood (as is the case with Vitamin D). When you require supplementation only with bone and muscle strengthening elements, then you don’t necessarily need a full multi-mineral supplement; a Calcium formula will suffice.

The Product

Calcium 500 + Vitamin D is produced by T.RQ and is a dietary supplement for adults, in spite of its gummy form. These rosy and sugary pieces are a delight and will make one happy about their “supplement time”. They’ve got a very nice presentation, in a transparent jar and are vividly colored. Each gummy has 200 IU of Vitamin D as ergocalciferol, which is different from what regular supplements have (cholecalciferol). There’s also 500 mg Calcium and 232 mg Phosphorus, all three minerals being vital to bone health and not only. This supplement is mainly with natural ingredients and does not cause any stomach distress.


You may purchase a jar with 30 gummies for the normal retail price of SG$17, which gets frequently discounted to SG$9. Order it online when it’s cheaper and you can save up to 50%.

Taste and Directions

The gummies have natural strawberry flavor and a pale pink color. Serve one gummy per day if you are an adult. If this dose is not enough and your diet is poor or you know you have a deficiency, then you may increase it to 2 pieces.


Calcium 500 + Vitamin D feeds your bodily tissues with two important minerals, Calcium and Phosphorus, combined with the powerful Vitamin D. One gummy has only 15 calories and is a clean product, with no synthetic additives, nor harmful fillers. Note that one piece ensures about half of the recommended daily dosage of the said minerals, therefore cannot cover the need completely. This is not a high-concentration product. Some people have doubled the daily dose, which appears to be fine, in order to ensure the quantity they’re missing. Also, it may not be the best way to fight a deficiency if there is one, but it can be of help. It’s certainly good for the bones but also for the muscles – therefore this will help you out if you’re training often in the gym or even outdoors. The vitamin D in it aids the absorption of Calcium so that the body can have proper amounts and utilize these as required. The product is gluten and allergen free. The storing conditions are important therefore make sure you read the recommendations. Otherwise, you risk compromising the gummy quality and these may even melt.

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