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A complete multivitamin formulation

  • It’s taste is mehh… it has this slight aftertaste for which I don’t like
  • Very effective I notice this supplement, a slight bump in my mood and energy
  • Inexpensive! You should get this

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

T-RQ Multi Vitamins Adult Gummy

Editor’s Review

Are you struggling with a vitamin supplement that has too much of this and too little than that? We found one that is finally eliminating this annoying issue. There will be no more worries about the dosage of each vitamin, as there are only perfect values all around. The products come from T.RQ and are labeled as Adult Gummy Multi Vitamins.

The Product

These lovely looking colorful gummies shaped like fruits are made for adults and packed with all the vitamins the body needs on a daily basis. Moreover, these come in no more and no less than the daily recommended dosage (100% RDA formulation). This makes it easy to ensure the proper amount of daily vitamins for your system – no more stress about what and how much.

T.RQ is a brand that is almost entirely dedicated to vitamin supplementation and is tailoring specific formulas, according to different age groups or needs (pre-natal vitamins, adult etc.).

The Adult Gummy Multi Vitamins is a well-engineered, vegan dietary supplement to meet the nutritional needs of grown-ups. This counts no less than 9 essential vitamins, plus some very useful minerals. Thus, you get Vitamins A, C, D, E plus B6, B12, folic acid, biotin, panthotenic acid, choline and inositol.


The Adult Gummy Multi Vitamins come packed in a transparent plastic jar containing 60 gummies. The price can vary between SG$1 (discounted) to SG$20.50.

Taste and Directions

The T.RQ gummies have different tastes: cherry, lemon and orange. All the flavors are said to be obtained from natural sources, as the colors. They all taste surprisingly good.
Chew two of these gummies each day.


These are not based on gelatin, like most such supplements, but on pectin, an ingredient, which is derived from plants and isn’t harmful in any way. Also, there is no trace of potential allergens in this product. In fact, the whole list of ingredients is totally friendly. There is a sugar content that may bother some users. In any case, it is advised to consult with a physician who knows one’s history before taking any vitamin supplement. This should be meant to cover certain deficiencies. When there is too much of a vitamin, it may cause toxicity.

When taken as recommended, this multi vitamin is not only very safe, but also potent. It manages to cover what most modern diets lack, because of poor soil and of too much processing. It’s a good addition also for people who feel tired on a constant basis or who are stressed out. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can take this and enjoy the whole spectrum of essential vitamins in case your diet does not contain them all.

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