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This simple equipment solved my elbow pain from all the years of sets & reps in lifting

  • This equipment is a lifesaver! I suffer from elbow pain, while not painful, it is annoying
  • Do not overdo it when starting out using this bar, less is more
  • I saw a difference in my elbow injury after 3 weeks. Results may vary

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

TheraBand FlexBar Resistance Bar

Editor’s Review

TheraBand may not be a brand that you heard of, but its resistance bars are sure to catch your eye. Are they worth your money, too? Should you want to expand your recovery and training methods, consider other items from the brand, such as the TheraBand Hand Exerciser, or the Progressive Hand Trainers. For now though, let us focus on the Resistance Bar.

The Product

The FlexBar, simple as it may look, is made to improve the grip strength of arms, of hands and even shoulders. It can be regarded as a treatment method for Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow, a very common complaint of active people and athletes in general. When you are trying to avoid surgery, this is your pain-free alternative. It is a durable band that will have positive effects, not only concerning your sports-related ailments, but it will also increase your endurance in the long run. You can select the resistance level as follows – just understand the significance of colors: the yellow FlexBar is for 6 lbs. of force, the red one for 10 lbs., the green one for 15 lbs. and the blue one for 25 lbs.


The price isn’t always the same; it ranges from $19.99 to $24.99 on the brand’s official website. What you get is a 12″ long, 1.5″ diameter bar made from natural rubber, that is well dried and feels good to the touch.


The FlexBar is recommended to tennis or baseball players, as well as to any other active people who tend to overuse their arms. It will boost strength by 72%, and reduce elbow pain considerably. This will mostly have an effect on your forearm strength, but you can expect this to include your hands, too. You can use it to perform exercises recommended when you have Tennis Elbow or similar conditions. The rubber has an appropriate texture which makes it easy to grip. Do not worry about the ridges; these don’t create any discomfort since all is made of rubber. You can perform a lot of movements, including oscillations. And since it is color-coded, you can easily select the right one for you. These bars are progressive, so make sure to start with a low resistance one, in order to have natural progress. You will discover a clinically proven method to get rid of pain and to improve the functionality of your forearms and connected parts.

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