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Ideal hot cold therapy solution for your shoulders

  • Top of the line shoulder support and recovery accessory.
  • If there’s discomfort feeling, just adjust the ice-pack. I usually pound the sharp icy creases.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Thermoactive Cold Hot Therapy Shoulder Support Wrap

Editor’s Review

The shoulder joint is very sensitive. The quest for fuller deltoids makes many bodybuilders oblivious of this fact. Because the muscles are not attached to one particular bone, the joint can only handle so much weight. If you go too heavy on your shoulder presses or any other shoulder movement, you might experience a strain that will have you out of the gym for weeks.

Shoulder Therapy

It is said that given enough time, a strained shoulder will heal. But time does nothing to reduce the discomfort you feel. The ThermoActive Shoulder design is on the other hand, designed to afford you some peace of mind as you go through your recovery.

Ergonomically designed for the left or right shoulder, this easy-to-fit strap allows you the most natural movement as you go through your recovery. The shoulder joint is typically a very stubborn joint to fit a wrap, but the ThermoActive addresses that challenge with its circumferential compression. The gel is nicely secured over the shoulder to offer you the relief you need to completely heal.

The product is intuitively designed to stay cold longer than other products in its class. Not only that, it provides enough compression to ensure that the effects are really felt.

ThermoActive Shoulder Support can also be used prior to exercise. While a dynamic warm up may get blood pumping to the joint, some heat therapy treatment 5-10 minutes before exercising will help loosen up the shoulder completely. This readies the joint for whatever movements it will be subjected to.

If your shoulder joints regularly calls for icepacks after a shoulder day at the gym, you should consider purchasing ThermoActive Cold/Hot Therapy Shoulder Support. It will not put a dent in your pocket and will work better, faster, and more effectively than anything else you have ever tried.

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