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Tasty energy bar without the sugar crash

  • One of the better tasting energy bars out there.
  • I would usually microwave it for a few seconds. It taste great after heating it up, melts in your mouth!
  • This supplement does what it promises, sustained me with the calories and nutrition that I needed.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

ThinkThin High Protein Bar

Editor’s Review

Whether we are busy and always on the run, struggling to lose weight or to bulk up, we need to supplement our food intake with some effective snacks. The trouble with these is that they are not always healthy… not that efficient.

It’s essential to get some food on the go that’s better than the usual fast-food. You can have a fulfilling snack that’s as tasty as a regular chocolate bar you snatch at the supermarket. Thus, you can enjoy a fine treat when you are committed to managing your weight but don’t have much time to allocate to this task, for example. The High Protein Bar by ThinkThin is advertized as natural and nutritious and can be considered a sports formula.

The Product

Based on key nutritional principles, it combines good food types with pleasant taste. One serving size of 60 g has 20 g protein and absolutely no sugar or gluten. It delivers 25 g carbs, 8 g fat, 180 mg sodium, and only 5 mg cholesterol among others.


ThinkThin’s High Protein Bar is available at the cost of $17.28 (full price $22.90) per 600 g package. The discount depends on which supplier you choose. One such package contains 10 bars of 60 g each. Many of the positive reviews posted online mention the price as a positive aspect concerning the ThinkThin formula.


This lovely textured, soft and chewy bar is not too sweet. It has an interesting chocolate fudge flavor, which is not exactly chocolate, as some might think, but has a caramel-like twist. The bar has little cocoa in it. Its taste is also enhanced by the salt and the chocolate liquor content, as well as the natural flavors mentioned on the label.


ThinkThin is based on the following protein blend: calcium caseinate, soy protein isolate, and whey protein isolate. This is meant to provide long-term nutrition and support the body in times of effort. With a total of 230 calories per bar, it can be used as a meal supplement or snack replacement. Each bite is fortified with calcium and iron, elements which support pretty much every bodily function.

With a high protein bar like this you get energy without the side effects of sugar and gluten snacks. The latter causes a spike in blood sugar levels, only to decrease these dramatically soon after. The protein bar ensures proper and steady nutrition with no surges and falls. It gives you better control over cravings and thus can prevent you from gaining weight. It can work well as a recovery snack after gym.

For improved results, adopt an improved (healthier) diet and commit to exercising on a regular basis. This will not only help you to lose weight but will also aid you to stay fit for long.

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