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An inspiring book, not just bodybuilders. Arnold dishes out life lessons we all can learn.

  • It’s 600 plus pages long, but I wished it was more. You’ll be flying through the pages, very absorbing content.
  • Lots of anecdotes, stories and life lessons which motivated me.
  • At the end of the book, it made me want to double my effort in improving myself. It will do the same for you too!

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks (I’m a slow reader, LOL)

Total Recall My Unbelievably True Life Story by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Editor’s Review

Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story bears Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature and totally manages to illustrate his personal style- it’s direct, bubbly and convincing. It’s not simply an advice book – it’s a self-portrait, a life story, a way of life, in fact.

The inspiring story of Arnold to become successful in life

From a bodybuilder’s perspective, the content of Arnold’s book was nonetheless attractive to read. Eventually, it became intriguing and inspiring. We admire the man and his achievements, yet we ignore the way he started. This is one of those incredible “rags to riches” stories. Arnold knew poverty and was an immigrant, too. He was the one to rise to stardom and to become not just a successful bodybuilder, but actually a legendary champion. This unbelievable ascension is at the core of his book.

How did this inspire a modern day bodybuilder though? In more than 600 pages, its famous author exposes his life, thoughts and goals – not only for his fans, but for anyone wishing to learn about success, ascension and good decisions. Mainly, this starts with setting a goal and this is what you find out about at first. It’s also about growing up in a rough environment and going beyond the shortcomings building a better life. The book also touches on controversial topics such as his use of steroids and his reasons to do so.

We can learn from his errors

You will also find an honest account of his errors, too. Luckily, here is the big conclusion: he did not get stuck in these, as it could have easily happened. Moving on and away from negative experiences is his key to making progress. Moreover, the reader will find out about how over thinking can ruin your plans and dreams and what to do about it.

It is the book for bodybuilders in the truest sense

While reading and pondering over Arnold’s book I learned simple yet very precious rules to apply in all areas of life. I even got to understand how being too indulgent can ruin my efforts. It’s important to avoid rewarding yourself too much, because that could make you feel too comfortable and get you to simply stay where you are. It all made so much sense reading it and yes, I do have a new understanding of my own life and actions nowadays. At times, it’s pure psychology we’re dealing with.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life story should be obligatory reading. Success came for him starting with his early twenties and what he did was to keep it going, no matter the path he chose. Learn from him, don’t just read this like an interesting story. In every little bit, in every experience, every step forward and error there is a lesson and perhaps a hidden mechanism to be revealed. It matters because, after all, he is the bodybuilder with the greatest number of titles in this world.

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