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If you eat plenty for gains, you’ll get gas right. I tried this and it cures my bloating issues!

  • Still has that herbal aftertaste, luckily it doesn’t gag me
  • This is a brilliant product, resolves my bloating issues fast
  • Kinda pricey for 12 sachets of tea, but it works

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Traditional Medicinals, Digestive Teas, Organic Gas Relief Tea, Naturally Caffeine Free

Editor’s Review

One of the most common health issues faced by the majority of us is gas and the associated bloating and discomfort which arise from a feeling of being stuffed. The gas and bloating, apart from being a source of embarrassment, can even cause a sensation of pressure being exerted on the body, thus leading to extreme discomfort. Medicines can help alleviate the gas problems but resorting to chemical-laden drugs often is not highly recommended. Natural ingredients are a better alternative to obtain relief from gas.

The Product

The Traditional Medicinals Digestive Teas, Organic Gas Relief Tea is completely natural and organic. This herbal supplement is thoughtfully created by herbalists well versed in ancient herbs, for Traditional Medicinals, which is a trusted and certified manufacturer since 1974, and follows ethical farming protocols thus ensuring completely organic as well as kosher ingredients. The main ingredient that provides relief from gas is the caraway fruit from carum carvi plant. The other herbs contained in the formulation include chamomile flower, coriander fruit, peppermint and lemon balm, all of which blend perfectly to provide instant and soothing relief. These herbs have found mention in the Old Testament and Sanskrit texts for their effectiveness in relieving gas. Additionally, the blend is free of caffeine, which is stimulant hence not recommended for gas problems.


A box of the digestive tea contains 16 wrapped tea bags that contain about 24 gms or 0.85oz of herbal supplement and cost between SG$6 to SG$8 for the entire pack.

Directions and Taste

This digestive tea for gas relief can be prepared by freshly boiling 8 oz of water and pouring it over the tea bag in a cup. Let the blend steep for 10 minutes as you cover the cup. For better results, the tea bag can even be squeezed into the hot water. In a day, maximum 4 cups of the digestive tea can be enjoyed, as and when needed. The addition of caraway seeds and peppermint gives the tea an aromatic and pleasant flavor along with a mild note of the spices present.


This herbal tea is the perfect blend of naturally occurring ancient elements which have a soothing personality, thereby providing instant relief from bloating and gas problems. The flavors and aroma make this a simple and pleasant drink, unlike other medicines or supplements prescribed for the commonly occurring gas problem.

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