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Solve your aches and pain with this ‘magical’ ball

  • A must have companion if you lift and exercise.
  • Your body will develop aches and nothing like a massage ball to loosen the knots.
  • Ideal for mild to minor aches, anything more painful, please consult a specialist.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Trigger Point Performance Factor Massage Ball

Editor’s Review

Whether you are sedentary or physically active, at some point you will experience light muscle pain. It’s an annoying occurrence, as it doesn’t seem to go away easily and might progress to a new level. However, it’s not the case to go for medication or to get a massage from a specialist. To treat these minor muscular pains, all you may need is a massage ball.

The Product

The Trigger Point Performance Factor Massage Ball is an improvement of an older fitness accessory, now with greater firmness. It is made to be used for self massage, and measures approximately 12 x 10 x 4 inches and weighs one pound. The massage ball can help with minor pain through applying pressure to specific areas. The result is like a deep tissue massage. It will apply pressure to the big and small bodily areas where muscles are in pain. The product is made of a special material that does not get compressed with frequent use. It will work against the floor or the wall, so you can reach any spot on your back, for example.


Find it online priced between $24 and $30.


The Trigger Point Performance Factor Massage Ball treats aches and pains that are not too strong and therefore easily manageable. It works on almost every muscle, providing these with the much needed relief. Besides being a safe and useful tool, you will also love the patented material, because it stays in good shape even when you use this tool frequently.

Compared to previous models, the current ball is not only bigger, but also firmer. This makes it more effective and at the same time more able to preserve its shape. To get real benefits, you must learn how to use it correctly: identify the sore spot, then place the ball on it, press it and keep it still for 5 to 7 seconds.

Use it to massage your back as you lay on the floor. You will see that it can help you massage areas you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. Instead of going to a massage therapist for some minor issues only, you can solve these at home. It’s not supposed to be complicated – that’s why there is no manual to go along with it. This is truly one of the simplest tools out there to help you with mild muscular pain.

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