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Treat minor aches and pain with this massage ball

  • If you lift, you will need this!
  • Always rehab yourself post-workout, and this is a great tool to assist you in that
  • Affordable and it fits in any bag

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Trigger Point Performance Massage Ball

Editor’s Review

Trigger Point is constantly looking for ways to improve its self-massage tools. It makes these last longer, feel better and reach a deeper level, for a better release of tension. Suitable to any lifestyle, the massage ball is small and easy to manage, being even suitable to travel. I will review one of the most popular models of the brand that you can roll to chase the pain away.

The Product

The Self Myofascial Release Deep Tissue Massage Ball created by Trigger Point achieves what a good massage can do. It can reach all bodily areas and make one free of minor pains and aches. The novelty about Trigger Point balls is their patented material – it feels great on the skin and resists well in time.

With this very simple tool you can manage the way you deal with post-exercise pains or with troubles that come with a sedentary lifestyle. Instead of asking for help from someone else and even pay for a professional service, you may simply use the deep tissue massage ball to be fine again. It will act on your muscles, as well as on the fascia, the soft tissue under your skin that covers everything.


This patented material massage ball usually costs $25, but you may also find it discounted to $17.


Should you face mild aches or pain in your back, shoulders, arms, legs etc., this massage ball can help you manage it on your own, without any help from anyone. It ensures a safe massage. Apply pressure to the ball and use it from your neck to your legs. You may use this against a wall or the floor. Move the ball from side to side or in a circular motion. It is a ball with a high density, so it will be heavy. The material does not compress with time and lasts up very well with frequent use.

Use this Trigger Point product whenever you start feeling low intensity pain that relates to your muscles. It works to remove mild pain and therefore cannot be employed in more serious cases like injury after training. Also, it does not provide help when there is chronic pain and any other issues that ask you to get help from a physician. Anything more serious should be addressed in a different way – either with over-the-counter medication or by asking for the advice of a specialized doctor.

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