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Update: I just broke this equipment on 18.6.2018 while rolling. Kinda sad, I would thought it would last longer, but it lasted under 3-years. I bought this in August 2015. See the photo gallery for the broken damaged image.

Portable therapeutic self care

  • A tough durable item. Able to roll and massage my weight of 80kg with no issues.
  • I love this item, it hits all my tight knots.
  • It can fit my shoe bag or haversack nicely.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Trigger Point Performance Therapy GRID Mini Foam Roller

Editor’s Review

The GRID products are known as very helpful and efficient in self massage. These are praised for their very firm 3D surface, superior to other rollers on the market. The Trigger Point items in the GRID line are also economical and ecological products. The brand, known for its full-size rollers, has also launched a very compact foam roller model to be carried when traveling.

The Product

The GRID Mini foam roller is special for travel thanks to its size and weight. It could well be the most travel appropriate item of its kind on the market. Besides, if we are to think of its use and effects, a smaller one could be all one needs. This device is ideal for targeted compression because of its small surface. It works on tight muscles and anything of this kind that prevents free and correct movement. The roller has a hollow center with solid walls and is wrapped in EVA foam. This helps make it really firm and stimulating for the massaged tissue. Also thanks to its tube-like shape, it can be attached to a sports bag with ease.


This is a tool that not only comes in handy, but can do a great job, too. It is important to have realistic expectations, though. The ridges and cuts on the roller’s surface ensure an effective massage action. These also ensure proper aeration as you roll the device. Thanks to this design and to the uneven facets, massaging feels more natural, resembling what the hands of a professional would do. The device promotes better blood circulation. At the same time, oxygenation of the tissue is enhanced, boosting the nutrition levels. These effects prompt the muscle to repair itself and become more resistant. Overall health and endurance of the muscular tissue is thus enhanced. It is an effect you will see in time.

The GRID Mini Foam Roller can support a considerable static load of up to 115 kg, which is impressive. It may not be suitable to large bodied individuals who are looking for a large area massage. This device targets small areas because of its reduced size.


This new Trigger Point Performance Therapy star is priced at 24.90 EUR, which would be about 28 USD.


The available colors are black, orange and pink. There is also a green-yellow version but this one appears to be harder to find. Not all vendors stock on all colors.

The GRID Mini Foam Roller is a sturdy little device worth its price. It massages the tissue effectively and can be confidently carried around on short trips or long journeys, making costly massage sessions almost unnecessary.

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