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If you are prone to high blood pressure, try this tea to assist

  • This is not a cure but works alongside a good diet and exercise
  • Genetically, my family has a history of high blood pressure, and my BP is elevated higher than normal despite my healthy lifestyle
  • It works well for me so far. It is a herbal drink, so don’t expect it to taste like your like your Starbucks tea

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Triple Leaf, Tea Blood Pressure, Caffeine Free

Editor’s Review

Keeping blood pressure under control isn’t necessarily done with heavy medication – at least not when the issue is small. Therefore, don’t go straight to the pharmacy when you begin to experience fluctuations. Such changes are normal because of tensions and stress but can later become a problem. Ideally, you need to find your balance through natural means. There are herbal teas that can help with that.

The Product

Triple Leaf Tea for blood pressure is an entirely natural product based on a Chinese herbal longevity tonic recipe that helps maintain a healthy blood pressure function. It is also caffeine-free, which means it keeps you safe from the harmful effects of the stimulant, known to interfere with the mentioned aspect. The formula contains the following herbs: eucommia leaves, Chinese holly leaves, horny goat weed leaves, Uncaria stems, chrysanthemum flowers, white mulberry leaves and fo-ti roots (a plant also known as he shou wu). This is claimed to be a recipe that is thousands of years old and has been well preserved by traditional Chinese medicine.


One box costs between SG$5 and SG$7. There are 40 g of herbal blend per box, divided into 20 tea bags.

Taste and Directions

This Triple Leaf Tea blend has a good taste – the flavour is mild, not overpowering. To prepare the infusion, dip one bag into 8 fl oz of hot water. Drink 1 to 3 cups each day and use only one bag per cup. You can have the tea hot or cold, it will act the same way.


We have here a herbal dietary supplement that’s easy to take and very pleasant to consume. The gesture and aroma itself will help you calm down. As for the ingredients, this is not a new invention, but a recipe that comes from ancient times. Besides, the healing successes of traditional Chinese medicine and its approach to healing herbs are well known worldwide. The infusion has a toning effect on the liver and the kidneys, therefore, you will be enjoying several health benefits. To make it work, you have to drink it daily for several weeks; then you may have a break and start again. Most importantly, it calms your yang energy, thus clearing the heat inside the body, according to Chinese medicine principles. It is this excessive heat that leads to ailments such as elevated blood pressure. All the mentioned herbs work synergically to potentiate this effect.

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