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Perfect companion for timing your workouts

  • I use this for my cardio intervals, slopes and such.
  • Fits great in my palm
  • Sometimes if my handphone is low batt, I will use this to time my workout recovery time
  • Simple and easy to use. I did not even read the manual.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Ultrak 360 Stopwatch

Editor’s Review

A stopwatch is a must-have if you are a track athlete, professional or otherwise. Knowing how much time it takes for you to complete any kind of physical challenge is essential in measuring progress. It not only paints a picture of how good your abilities are, but it also reveals your limits to you. It challenges you to go further, and push harder. All your efforts are finally validated when you achieve that perfect time and become overwhelmed with that incomparable feeling of accomplishment.

Ultrak 360

360 Stopwatch by Ultrak is a comprehensive stopwatch that has all the characteristics you would expect from this kind of gadget. From its 2-row, electroluminescent display to its 5-year lithium battery, it is a watch that will be right at home with every sprinter, distant-runner and swimmer out there.

The stopwatch has an uncomplicated design with two buttons- lap/reset and start/stop. It is water resistant and comes with a lanyard. The large electroluminescent backlight display shows running event times continuously. A robust log of times can be recalled with its 30 dual-split recallable memory. It has a 10-hour recording time, which is more than ample and runs on a lithium battery that has a promised life of five years.

The Ultrak 360 was built to be stopwatch, but it is a watch nonetheless. This is to imply that it displays time, has a calendar as well as an alarm feature. It is not the cheapest stopwatch of its kind, but for $22 or less, it is not unaffordable either. The three-year limited manufacturer warranty gives it an assurance of quality.

If you like pushing your running or swimming limits, the Ultrak 360 is a nice little gadget to have. Any fitness enthusiast can actually find it useful. Whether you are cycling through nature trails, or skipping rope in the gym, it helps to keep track of your time.

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