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A must-buy supplement in your gains journey

  • The taste gets awhile to get used to it. Very unique and overpowering, likely to mask the various ingredients in it
  • It will affect the color of your urine, please take note
  • Works brilliant when I was on this! Amazing gains

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Animal Training Powder

Editor’s Review

You cannot become the beast or monster you wish to become without paying due attention to your training powder. For all the effort that you are willing to put in the weight room, it follows that you should have the right companion in your supplement. Universal Nutrition has been on the forefront of providing said companion, and this series of products, with its 34 years of existence, proves that they have gotten it right. For many seasoned bodybuilders, Animal Pak is their main multi and for many others, their most important supplement.

The Product

Animal Pak, Animal training powder is marketed as the first supplement that really addressed the needs of professional bodybuilders. It was formulated with vitamins, amino acids, minerals, adaptogen and amino acids- all essential in filling out all the nutritional gaps that a bodybuilder may have. Animal Pak gives you all you need to ensure that your performance and size are never affected.

The container is as brazen as it has always been, with its bold Animal imprint that blends the yellow and black quite nicely. It comes in a 388g container that yields about 22 servings. Packs are available too, for those who prefer tablets instead.

Taste, Miscibility

The powdered version of Animal Pak is far friendlier than the tablets if the opinion of the masses is anything to go by. Universal Nutrition has ensured that their powder is up to industry standards.

It comes in two flavors- cherry berry and orange. Both are delectable, and while opinions might be divided over which is the better one, the fact remains that they are both good.
Miscibility is not the best, but that is the expectation for products of this class. A vigorous shake is required to achieve complete dissolution of the powder, and even then, a bit might be left settling at the bottom, especially if left to sit. It can, however, be mixed with milk or water, as desired.


The recommendation is to take 1 scoop with about 10 oz of beverage. For more advanced lifters or those who train at a higher intensity, taking two scoops is recommended. It is best taken with meals instead of on an empty stomach.

As far as effectiveness goes, the supplement speaks for itself. Animal Pak has for long been the supplement to beat in its class, and it still proudly reigns over all others. The lifters who convert it start to feel and see the effects in as little as one week of use. Notable increases in strength levels, as well as greater endurance, are some of the expected results.

If you are advancing in your bodybuilding and are looking for a multivitamin powder that is trusted by the pros, look no further than this.

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